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Consult PR knows that sending email campaigns must abide by the CANN-SPAM Act, a law that established rules and requirements for sending emails to businesses. There are tough penalties for businesses and individuals who break those rules.

Our Digital Marketing department shares our best practices to stay out of email jail right here.

Ask permission - which can be done in a variety of ways - we know them all and implement them on behalf of our clients.

Provide an “unsubscribe” link that is visible and not in small print. We include one in every email blast we send out.

  • Clean your list regularly. Any email subscriber that hasn’t opened an email in a year, should be deleted. This will increase your open rates, and get rid of abandoned emails that can trigger a spam trap. Our Digital Marketing team regularly checks our clients’ email list for “dead” addresses.
  • Proofread - it’s easy to forget the @ symbol or mis-type .com or .net, etc. Again, the right email address will not be placed into spam. At Consult PR, our quality assurance team proofs not once, but twice!
  • Incorporate the right keywords in the email subject line. The chance of being relevant (and increased open rates) will improve drastically. Our Digital Marketing team does the research to ensure the best keywords are incorporated into your email.
  • Monitor the stats because it’s not just about hitting the send button. Our Digital Marketing team sends our clients a detailed report on the number of opens, unsubscribes, bounced emails; as well as how often a subscriber has opened an email and what links within the email, if any, were clicked.
  • Know when to send an email. Certain days and times of the week will result in more opens. This is not necessarily directly related to spam, but why send at 10:00 a.m. when everyone else does on a Monday morning, when you can send at 5:16 a.m. on a Tuesday? Remember, higher open rates equals lower bounce and unsubscribe rates.

At Consult PR, we regularly incorporate emails into the Digital Marketing strategies of our clients. Let us handle this important marketing activity on your behalf.

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