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Building & Maintaining Relationships In The Digital Age

StaffFebruary 2020

Valentine’s Day is a day specially dedicated to celebrating relationships, whether those relationships are between spouses, parents and children, friends or even companies and clients! Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of serving a pretty amazing family of clients.  Our passion for our client’s continued success is the cornerstone of all our client relationships. We are in the digital age and with all the technological advancements over the past few years, building and developing relationships has become a much easier thing to do, if you know how to do it. Here at Consult PR we believe that great customer relationships serve as the foundation for all successful businesses. For this reason it is important to keep up to date with the latest technological advancements that allow for much more well thought out and customized “face time” and “touch points” than ever before. 

The digital age has revolutionized the way companies interact with customers and the channels they use to reach them. For the most part, traditional advertising has taken a backseat to digital marketing. Companies are trying to reach customers over the internet even more and there are so many different ways to accomplish this that it can certainly get confusing. You might ask yourself, “Do I need pay-per-click or should I invest in Facebook/Instagram ads?” or “what is SEO?” or “how often should I be posting on social media and what type of content should it be?” Thankfully, Consult PR has a team of digital marketing experts that can help you bring your business into the 21st century. We’ll teach you how you can connect with your customers and potential customers through the mediums they’re utilizing the most. Digital marketing is a science, and it is constantly changing.  We’ll help you stay on top of all these changes. 

The digital age has changed more than just how businesses reach their customers, it has also changed the importance of websites. Websites used to be seen as an attractive and informative digitally represented version of your firm. Now, with the rise of SEO, your website is useful for more than just being an online, 24-7-365 sales platform that’s all about your business and service offerings. Cookie-cutter website templates won’t impress your customers, and your customers will use your website to form a first impression of your business. A custom website that’s responsive and provides great, informative content will help attract your customers and great marketing funnels will help to convert new customers and retain existing relationships like never before.

Aside from marketing and websites, cloud software has helped drive the way companies can interact internally and with both customers and business partners. As leading experts in the design, development and maintenance of custom small business enterprise cloud software, we can help you stay a touch above the competition. With custom cloud software, you can accomplish more because it’s tailored to your business and its needs, unlike the case with mass-produced cookie-cutter software. Nowadays, it's often less expensive and more scalable to invest in your own intellectual property software, than to be married to the license and user fees of template options for years on years.

According to this article, 2.71 billion people in the world owned a smartphone in 2019 and 194 billion mobile phone apps were downloaded in 2019. This means consumers are relying heavily on phone apps to connect with businesses and get the services they want. Creating a custom phone or web app allows you to push all forms of communication to your customers from updates and announcements to exclusive special offers, and more. When you build this type of personal relationship with your customer base, they’ll be more likely to not just continue using your services/buying your products, but they’ll also recommend you to their friends and family. We also have carved out a niche of building the next “million-dollar” idea apps, so if you have an app concept that you need to build and have monetized, be sure to reach out.

In this tech-focused era, there are more ways than one to build, manage and retain a relationship with your customers! We know things can get confusing, that’s why Consult PR is here to be your partner and expert resource for all things digital. Whether you need a new website or you’re thinking about creating a phone app, we can help. Let us know how you’d like to improve your relationship with your customers and potential customers and we’ll work together with you to achieve success outcomes through an array of digital options.

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