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Open Positions with ConsultPR


Job Title: Digital Marketing Specialist (DMS)

Reports to: Sr. DMS


Overview: This position is vital in our marketing department as it will allow for the selected applicant to be directly involved in the execution of Digital Marketing tasks. Applicants will be trained on completing a variety of digital marketing tasks (approximately 5 - 8 tasks)  for closely fifteen (15) to twenty (20) US-based clients. Applicants will be required to properly execute tasks and possess the ability to follow protocols in an organized manner.


Monthly Salary: 100,000 GYD 


Working Hours: Monday through Friday 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM


Roles, Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Stay up to date and proficient in the following:
  • Working procedures, software, etc.
  • How to complete your tasks.


  • Stay up to date with the Digital Marketing Specialist department Operating Procedures Documents.
  • Stay up to date with DMS Wrike task templates, Time Camp, email templates, etc.
  • Create/Update Wrike tasks and Time Camp daily
  • Collaborate with Snr. DMS and CS as necessary to complete/deploy tasks
  • During training, be comfortable with Snr. DMS observing real-time work via screen share. 
  • Ensure Meeting agendas are updated for the tasks assigned in time for client meetings.
  • Communicate across departments to follow up on tasks as necessary
  • Handle client communications that are specific to the tasks you were assigned
  • Forward non-specific emails to relevant Snr. DMS as necessary
  • All other duties as assigned by Snr. DMS, QA Specialist, Marketing Operations Manager, and/ or CPR Principals.


Qualifications (Required): 

  • Lives and works in Guyana, South America.
  • Google and/ or MS Office Suite proficiency.
  • Excellent verbal fluency and excellent written English language skills.
  • Secondary School graduate.


Qualifications (Preferred):

  • Bachelor's Degree (Business, Marketing, Literature, Communications) or equivalent work experience.
  • Experience in a Leadership role
  • Prefer a certificate in Marketing or related field i.e. Communications, etc.
  • Prefer work experience in journalistic/ writing field and/or English teaching, etc.
  • Prefer work experience in organization, task management, and timeline oriented roles.
  • Prefer familiarity with social media platforms & things that are “new and exciting” on the internet.


  • Excellent computer skills
  • High comfort level with working virtually
  • Dependable internet connection, quiet work from home environment, modern reliable laptop/ computer with a webcam.
  • Required post-hire:  Electricity backup (UPS battery, or inverter battery, or generator)...note the firm will assist newly hired team members in this regard if such a facility is not yet in place.

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