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Open Positions with ConsultPR


Job Title: Senior Digital Marketing Specialist (Snr. DMS)

Reports to: Marketing Operations Manager


This position is a vital position in our marketing department as it will allow for the selected candidate to be directly involved in the training of new Digital Marketing Specialists thereby impacting the successful growth of the department.  Several times annually new DMSs will be hired, a Senior Digital Marketing Specialist will be mentoring and training one new hire at a time appropriating approximately  50% of their time daily to that mission. The remainder of the day will be spent on managing their current clients (at a reduced workload to accommodate accordingly) and quality assuring other DMSs accounts. Findings will be shared with the Editor, Marketing QA Manager & Marketing Operations Manager. Experience and proven success in the past as a CPR Digital Marketing Specialist both in terms of proper execution of tasks and the ability to follow protocols/ be organized are required.  


Monthly Salary Increase: Additional 10,000 GYD to the existing salary (Not applicable if this is a lateral senior move from another department)


Working Hours: Monday through Friday 7:30 AM - 2:00 PM 


Roles, Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Stay up to date and proficient in the following:
    • Working procedures, software, etc.
    • How Digital Marketing Specialists’ complete their tasks, etc.
    • How Content Specialists’ complete their tasks, etc.
    • How to complete your tasks.
    • Real-time score sheet update for DMS Employee of the Month
  • Stay up to date with the Digital Marketing Specialist department and content department Operating Procedures Documents.
  • Stay up to date with DMS Wrike task templates, Time Camp, email templates, etc.
    • Update/Monitor DMS Wrike task and Time Camp.
  • Create/Update Content Wrike task and Time Camp.
  • Daily Time Camp review calls with CS’
  • Collaborate with Editor as necessary
  • Prioritize tasks for clients based on timelines, urgency, etc.
  • Train and be “over the shoulder” of new DMS’ to manage their tasks and all the various aspects of their job utilizing screen share, recordings, etc.
    • Be comfortable with new hires observing real-time work via screen share. 
  • Ability to engage with new Digital Marketing Specialist hires to offer positive reinforcement but also be able to offer constructive criticism and encourage improvement.
    • Ability to have frank, tough conversations while showing empathy and remaining professional at all times.
    • Ability to have a frank assessment of the new hire and report unfiltered progress to management.
  • Sr. DMS will be assigned Marketing clients that they need to ensure the Meeting agendas are created and updated in time for client meetings.
  • Communicate across departments to assign and follow up as necessary
  • Handle all client communications that are not specific to a department
    • Forward emails to relevant departments/individuals as necessary
  • Attend pre, client and post meetings for clients that were assigned
    • Create meeting action item and monitor progress until completion
    • All other duties as assigned by QA Specialist, Marketing Operations Manager and/ or CPR Principals.


Qualifications (Required): 

  • Lives and works in Guyana, South America.
  • Google and/ or MS Office Suite proficiency.
  • Excellent verbal fluency and excellent written English language skills.
  • Needs to be a very good, experienced and organized CPR team member.

Qualifications (Preferred):

  • Bachelor's Degree (Business, Marketing, Literature, Communications) or equivalent work experience.
    • Experience in a Leadership role

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