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Open Positions with ConsultPR


Job Title: Senior Quality Assurance Specialist

Reports to: Quality Assurance Manager



This position is a vital position in our marketing fulfillment operations to ensure attention to detail, quality of work and follow-through on all marketing client accounts to ensure that all industry standard best practices are observed.  The senior QA Specialist will be responsible for conducting a detailed review of each assigned marketing client account regularly. The senior QA specialist will also be responsible for presenting and sharing these findings with the Marketing Operations Manager & direct supervisor as delineated.


Monthly Salary: $110,000 GYD  


Working Hours: Monday through Friday 7:30AM - 4:00PM 


Roles, Responsibilities & Duties:


  • Stay up to date and proficient in the following:
    • Working procedures, software, etc.
    • How DMS’s complete their tasks, etc.
    • How to complete your tasks.
  • Stay up to date with Marketing QA Standard Operating Procedures Documents
  • Stay up to date with Marketing QA wrike task templates, email templates, etc.
  • Ensure you completely review your assigned marketing client accounts, and that you are able to cycle through this process, at minimum twice monthly. Going through meeting agenda, recordings, etc. and making a list of to-do’s. 
  • Ability to engage with Senior DMS or MOM to point out deficiencies and encourage improvement of DMS Candidates. 
  • Coordinate all HR matters with QA Manager/ Marketing Operations Manager related to QA/DMS team members.
  • Onboarding and training of new marketing QA team members.
    • Working procedures, software, etc.
    • How to complete their tasks, etc.
    • Participate in the final interview of new marketing QA team hires.
  • Ongoing training of existing marketing QA team members.
  • All other duties as assigned by Marketing QA Manager, Marketing Operations Manager and/ or CPR Principals.



  • QA the Marketing Material on a daily basis (social media, agendas, newsletters and eblasts, etc.) 
  • Manage the Creative Teams
  • Review new video scripts and provide feedback
  • Review modified video scripts and provide feedback
  • Assign video production task to Video Specialists
  • Review drafts of video and provide direction to modify as necessary
  • Real-time, daily communication with the MOM & Editor (also other department heads as applicable) to ensure both departments are hitting deadlines
  • Complete video inventories for clients as necessary
  • Update real-time scoring system of employee performance



  • QA the Marketing Material on a weekly basis (PPC management, PPC Management, Lead tracking & Measurement, Webscraping/ Listbuilding, Backlinking, LinkedIn Outreach / Email Drips, Influencer Outreach / Email Drips, ORM, PR Web, Videos, SEO Meta Content, SEO GEO Pages, Google Analytics)
  • Google Guarantee, Ensuring that Meeting Recording are uploaded to Dropbox
  • Create a task log to keep track of outstanding videos for each client and its video specialist. 
  • The log should allow for better prioritization of tasks to be included on the respective team members’ work logs.



  • ROI ensuring the spreadsheet is updated by DMSs, 
  • Uploading External Articles to Website (specific clients only) 
  • DAYS OF INTEREST ensuring this document is updated regularly  
  • Website Content Migration (MOM)

Qualifications (Required): 

  • Lives and works in Guyana, South America.
  • Google and/ or MS Office Suite proficiency.
  • Excellent verbal and written English language skills.
  • Associates Degree (Business, Marketing or Quality Control/ Assurance) or equivalent work experience.

Qualifications (Preferred):

  • Bachelor's Degree (Business, Marketing or Quality Control/ Assurance) or equivalent work experience.
  • Two (2) or more years working in a QA position within a digital marketing firm.
  • Two (2) or more years working in marketing field.
  • Five (5) or more years experience in the marketing field.

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