Our client, a retailer specializing in window and door treatments, wanted to connect with specific industries in his immediate area to gain more referral partners. His targets were realtors, builders, and general contractors. We wrote a series of five emails for him, introducing his company, pointing out how he could be of benefit to them, and inviting them for a virtual cup of coffee.

This is a process we conduct for many of our clients. At first blush, many people think, “Four to six emails? Isn’t that intrusive?” The answer is - no. Perhaps the first or even second email may not be opened, but by continuing to send a series of emails on a specific schedule, it is an effective way to communicate and put yourself on the radar of a company or business that could use your services.

Our client did connect with a group of realtors who recommended his services to their clients looking to spruce up their homes before putting them on the market.

The key is consistency and realizing that email communication can be effective, if one is patient, trusts the process, and considers the potential of connecting with just one or two key resources. And, email marketing is trackable, unlike direct mail. Something to consider for your business if you want to see results!

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