consultpr email marketing

consultpr email marketing

When one of clients, an insurance agent, showed us his box of business cards, with no less than 150 golden opportunities awaiting him, we knew what we had to do. Our team went to work entering his collection of cards, as well as a couple dozen handwritten email addresses on the back of cocktail napkins, into his email program.

Our client is an active networker and just never had the time to properly create his email list. Luckily, he did have the foresight to ask his fellow networkers if he could send them his newsletter, which was really just all of his ideas swimming around in his head that he never put on paper.

Consult PR’s content writers began writing his monthly newsletter, which we decided should be a two-article format - one article was a hot topic he shared with us about a common problem or predicament in his industry that his subscribers would find useful and one was an article we found on the internet, scanning popular industry magazines, videos, blogs, etc. that would be of interest to his prospective and current clients.

We added some pizzazz to his newsletter with fantastic images, his branding, and a call to action. We sent it monthly and shared it on all of his social media channels and his website.

The result? No more business cards being thrown into a box. His newsletters were shared with others and we were able to show him his open rates of upwards of 37% with a less than 2% bounce rate.

Email marketing works.

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consultpr email marketing