Here at Consult PR we see quite a lot of unsavory things occur in our industry due to the overwhelming amount of freelancers and small operations that pitch their tent and call themselves experts. Unlike our firm that employs college educated computer science engineers who R&D our core SEO offerings and custom engineer our SEO initiatives. More often than not, clients that come to us for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) have horror stories about their prior vendors.

In this case study, our new client had paid $1,500 per month to an “SEO” company to increase their organic rankings. Initially they were promised first page rankings within two months and so they signed a one year contract. This by the way is a major red one can guarantee a first page rank in that short an amount of is a work in progress and typically after a half a year or so it becomes clear as to what can be actually achieved once a client enters this highly competitive landscape. After six months and no results with the prior vendor they were convinced by a crafty salesperson at the same firm to increase the contract term to 18 months and that the results would be achieved “soon”. By month 14 it was clear that no results were forthcoming with not a single first or second page ranking...even after that time and expense they were only finding their website pages in page 8-10 of search results. That's when a business acquaintance recommended us to their VP of Sales.

Needless to say, when we first sat down there was a lot of angst and hesitation from the client and rightly so based on their past experience. However, once they got to know us and found out they could go month to month with no annual contract it became clear that we were different. The worst news possible for our new client was when we looked under the hood of their site, we determined that not a single thing was done in the entire time the other firm was supposedly doing SEO. Our client strongly considered suing the prior firm. Within eight months of contracting with us we were able to achieve some first page rankings and by year two 70+% of our clients web pages were a first/ second page ranking. CPR to the SEO rescue indeed.

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