Jumping through all the hoops on Kickstarter can be stressful. But, if you have a working prototype of your product and follow all the rules, you can use your time wisely by spreading the word on social media.

One of our clients was launching a ground-breaking product related to the medical field. While they were meeting all the requirements that Kickstarter demands, Consult PR worked with them to begin some very targeted social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. First, we identified their ideal client, which was mostly moms and pediatricians. Then we created a content calendar with posts and appropriate hashtags, which we researched extensively, to ensure we would reach the right audience. We created a landing page to ask for their email address, so we could send them an “exclusive” invitation to the unveiling of their product.

We combined great information with teaser content, addressing how their new product would solve a common, non-threatening medical issue kids have, which we shared on all three social media channels, being sure to tell their customer about the upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

Once the campaign was approved and launched, we emailed them the product video and directed them to the Kickstarter page. Their goal was to raise $40K, they ended up exceeding that goal by almost $50K, due to careful planning and perfectly timed posts on three social media sites that were actively used by their demographic.

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