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Consult PR’s creative department is invested in the success of your email campaigns. When a client - a technology firm - came to us to spice up their emails, we went into action. Let’s face it - reading about facts and figures, scientific reports, and lots of data will put anyone to sleep. However, our client had a strong following who wanted their information. We designed a colorful email template, complete with graphs, charts, and infographics that communicated the same information in a more pleasing way.

Additionally, everything we did for this client was branded with their logo and, standard operating procedure at Consult PR is to to test emails on all browsers, including mobile phones, and tablets, so the information is legible and attractive.

Lastly, we made sure the headline of the email was catchy - not your usual, “Read Our Newsletter.” Our content writers got very creative and tested several headlines that resulted in higher open rates.

The moral of the story - your emails do not have to be wordy and boring. Beautiful images, reflecting your brand plus a subject line that grabs the reader’s attention is a formula for success!

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consultpr email marketing