Google is all about hyper local search results so if you don’t have an office in a certain area then you are out of luck right? Wrong...SEO GEO pages can help.

In this case study our client was a franchisee that had very defined geographic parameters in terms of their marketplace. They had their main office in 1 of the 19 municipalities that were contained in that area. Where they had their office, inevitably they were a first page rank, but they could not figure out how to do the same in the cities where they did not have their office.

The key to unlocking his puzzle for them lay in Google’s local search algorithm. We explained how this works and what the client could do to solve this issue. It was determined that a technique we call SEO GEO pages made sense. We had employed this technique for many clients over the past decade with a success rate of 60-70% of the SEO GEO pages achieving a first page ranks in under a year’s time. This has worked out great for the client and the steady flow of lead forms and calls are testament to a SEO technique that has stood the test of time with the search engines.

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