Learn why years in business are less important than number and quality of backlinks to your website in the eyes of the search engines.

One of our website clients that had been in business since the 70’s and had decent organic rankings one day woke up to find out they had been pushed out of the first page of the Google organic rankings. Now we both know that it is more likely that this occurred over a period of time rather than overnight. That was true and this firm due to its name brand locally had totally neglected SEO. They felt their time in business and reputation along with word of mouth would carry their business along their positive growth trajectory for years to come. Even after they fell out of the first page of searches it took almost two years until the principal of the firm agreed with his staff to meet with us. By then small firms less than three years in business had overtaken his business on the web.

Fortunately for this client we were able to get them back to a first page rank within the first year of them engaging us. Unfortunately for them, it was a much more costly endeavor than if they had got on the SEO bandwagon when they already had the first page rankings and invested steadily to stay ahead. Either way, through a white-hat technique of obtaining backlinks to the site from news sites, public relations activities, advertorials, social media and relevant bloggers with significant investment in time and money we were able to get back to the first page. Our client has already felt the difference in leads generated and conversions to the bottom line. They are also now on a much less costly “rank maintenance” program that will keep the phones ringing for years to come and keep the new kids on the block where they belong behind the reputable and tenured firm.

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