So you decided to set up your own PPC and use Google’s free reps to help get the ball rolling. Now you have a bunch of low quality leads chewing up your budget and wasting your staff’s time on the phone. We understand how that goes and you are not alone, in fact most of our clients go through that phase even when we set up their accounts. The difference is we are equipped to make quick changes and refinements based on our experience, whereas you would not be.

We recently set up some Adwords PPC for a client and sure enough, month one’s results were 15 leads, 9 of which were deemed no good, 4 were decent and 2 were quality. Within one month we had rewritten the ad copy slightly differently, tweaked the negative keywords, modified the per keyword bidding for value positions and shifted the entire geo fence inwards by 10 miles. The results in month 2 were 21 leads, same budget, 5 were deemed no good, 10 decent and 6 quality. The refinement continued on this particular client and in their case they justified their entire annual budget with returns from just their first five months of us managing their PPC. Contact us for a free initial consultation to see if we can do the same for you.

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