One of our clients, a large plumbing franchise, receives over 9,000 reviews a year, with over 90% of them being positive. Yes, they deliver great service, but our Digital Marketing team at Consult PR was brought in to ensure all reviews are answered promptly, within 48 hours. Our team is on it, addressing the customer by first name, reading every review and writing a custom response. Negative reviews are brought to the attention of the company via email, and, if necessary, we assist in helping them resolve the problem, i.e. writing an appropriate response.

At first, the company did not think it was important for the positive reviews to be acknowledged in the public stream. However, after several months of thanking customers online, we noticed two things. One - a high number of repeat business; customers openly writing in their review that they used the company previously and called them again. And, two, customers started responding to our responses. Thanking us for thanking them!

That is golden in the world of online reviews because what is written online, stays online forever and, in the case of this client, established them as a company that has an excellent online reputation.

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