A retail store should have a Facebook business page. But, when our client hedged and only wanted to post pictures of his products once a week, we agreed to disagree (and convinced him otherwise). When his page hit 14,000 fans within two months, there was no question - the content was golden. Yes, we had images and branding, but we also engaged the audience in almost every post. We asked questions… and followed up with answers. We called out the benefits of his product and continued to engage his fans. The content was simple; and that was the magic. Our content writing team met weekly to discuss our strategy, but time and time again, we stuck to the simplistic nature of our approach. It worked -for our client and - most importantly, for his customers.

At Consult PR, regardless of which social media sites you choose, our Digital Marketing team will create a content calendar, tweak if necessary, but always choose the path that will inform, engage, and entertain - it’s a formula that attracts followers, fans, referrals, and, most importantly, an ROI that is measured by loyalty and eventually sales.

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