In this case study we had a small business client whose firm was extremely reputable in their industry. The firm was entirely reliant on referrals and had gotten to the point where they no longer had sales people but rather just some of their leaders doing various high quality networking, which as it so happens is how we met then. It turned out that the steady growth the firm was experiencing, while a positive, was far below what the principal’s vision called for. After a series of internal meetings, it was clear to their leadership team that many of their less reputable competitors were eating them for lunch on the internet since they were nowhere to be found. Enter CPR.

We initially put forward a very comprehensive digital marketing plan, but while the principals knew that the internet could yield them business, they really wanted some instant proof of that to be sure. So a small pay-per-click campaign was decided on along with some other initiatives to boost their local market digital footprint. Their Google Adwords campaign budget was the lion's share of their marketing plan as they allocated $600/ month to target quality keyword phrases for searchers within 15 miles of their location. It was not an overwhelming response, but several new leads per week, were met with an 80%+ conversion to business rate thanks to the company’s reputation and service oriented team. Within three months this client was convinced of the opportunity the web held for their business growth plans and called us back to implement the original complete comprehensive digital marketing plan with an even healthier Google Adwords spend.

It was disclosed to us a couple years later that one of the two principals has suggested they hire two full time outside salespeople and they were just about to pull the trigger on that when they decided to have us in for the free initial consultation. In that meeting they also shared a statement about their bottom line success in a way we will never forget - “we invested the equivalent of one full time person’s salaries into the digital marketing plan and got more results than we had projected if we had hired two full time salespeople.” If this scenario sounds familiar, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation today. 

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