Being a multi-generational business has lots of advantages. Continuity of leadership, an environment in the office wherein all employees feel they belong to one big family, and, sometimes, doing things the way “they have always been done.” We were thrilled when one of our most loyal clients decided to dive into the newsletter arena recently, after never having written one in over forty years! This client sells all kinds of insurance and has a large base of customers. With so many changes happening in his industry, he turned to our content writers to share his knowledge with his loyal following.

We created a two-article newsletter; a welcome message, announcing his newest form of communication and a hot topic that he knew would be of importance to his clients. With his nuggets of wisdom in hand, we did some more research and put together an email newsletter in his voice, with his knowledge; curating the content to reflect his down-home way of talking. Pairing that with an image of him and a strong call to action to pick up the phone and call his office, the results were exactly what he wanted - the opportunity to go from a written message to a personal conversation with his customers. Open rate: 46%. Bounce rate: 4%. Results: Stellar!

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