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By now most firms with a decent digital marketing program have been deploying email blasts and newsletters with regularity. However, over time unsubscribes and the ever increasing scrutiny of email spam filters have degraded the ability for us to communicate to all our clients, prospects, etc. effectively through email alone. This has pushed many firms into the social media space which is a costly endeavor in terms of both time and money. While both email communication and social media are best practice recommendations, have you considered a phone app?

Have you heard of the term "email jail"...well this refers to how many of the emails you send end up in spam filters and never reach the desired recipient. Not just mass emails , but also individual emails suffer this fate all too often. More and more businesses are considering a phone app for this very reason. Simply put their presently is no spam filter on phone apps. If your client has downloaded you phone app, you can push all forms of communication to them from updates, to special offers, and more.

Making phone apps even more appealing is that the development and subscription costs for communication focused phones apps have come way down, even below the costs of building a they are more affordable than ever before. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss this and other new and exciting phone app developments.

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consultpr email marketing