consultpr email marketing

consultpr email marketing

Consult PR Was Recently Featured In A News Article For Our Ability To Host And Maintain ColdFusion Software.

StaffAugust 2020 


Consult PR is offering hosting and development services for ColdFusion applications. ColdFusion is a programming language created by Adobe that has been around for many years. Unfortunately, ColdFusion has become a niche language, but for many years it was one of the most favored languages of masters-level developers. Most modern developers don’t have much (or any) training in the language. This is where Consult PR comes in. The digital marketing company is offering hosting and maintenance for ColdFusion software.

Consult PR is a digital marketing agency based in South Florida. They offer digital marketing services, building and maintenance of custom websites, cloud software and phone apps.

Unlike other programmers today that are stepping away from it, Consult PR is seeking out those groups that have ColdFusion software and are offering their services to them. Consult PR has a penchant for the language and still boasts a large team of developers with extensive experience in the ColdFusion language. They believe that even though it’s declining, ColdFusion is a great programming language.

“A lot of the application programming languages that exist today require lots and lots of code to be written to write complex functions but in ColdFusion, you could write a relatively complex function in one paragraph of code. Developers were able to get very robust web applications to market quickly, and if anything went wrong with the application or they needed to test, debug or troubleshoot, they’d have to troubleshoot much less code than if they had written in another language. It [ColdFusion] is still better than a lot of the languages out there but Adobe hasn’t done a good job of marketing/supporting the language and so there aren’t that many developers and not a lot of hosting companies support ColdFusion clients anymore.” - Paul Ramkissoon, President of Consult PR.

Consult PR has a highly qualified team of developers with over 10 years of experience in the language. These developers are also proficient in other programming languages. This means that once a client eventually decides to migrate from ColdFusion to another language, COnsult PR has the resources to assist them with that.

“We have developers with many many years of experience with ColdFusion. We have developers that love the language… while we do have a fair amount of clients that are in the ColdFusion world, and we do help a lot of ColdFusion clients that are looking to migrate away from the language because there aren’t enough developers to support them on a regular basis, it isn’t our main thing but it’s something we’re very very good at over the years and we’ve still maintained talent and personnel that can service and support Coldfusion. We will probably have clients coming to us for the next decade or so that need help with Coldfusion and we’ll be able to service them effectively and potentially transition them to a more mainstream language if that’s the desired outcome.” - Paul Ramkissoon, President of Consult PR.

Whether you have your own in-house team or in-house developer and just need a bit of support for them, Consult PR can provide that support. They understand that you have probably made a substantial investment in that language so they would like you to get max value for your investment. Their developers will evaluate and support your existing ColdFusion Applications. To get started, kindly schedule a free consultation with their talented team of professionals.

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