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Consult PR’s India Staff Retreat With Our CEO David Blotnick

StaffAugust 2019

Our CEO David Blotnick attended Consult PR’s India Retreat which was held on the 8th and 9th of August 2019. The events were not only a team building activity but it offered the opportunity to mingle in a social setting. Day one started off with a lunch and a conference. Day two was time to put on their fun cap, giving life to the popular adage ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’.  The team enjoyed a fun-filled day of activities including yoga and sports. It was great to have the team together in this setting with the company CEO present. Here’s insight on what went on ‘behind the scenes’ and a synopsis of the days themselves.

The man in charge of all the many preparations was none other than our Senior Vice President of Operations, Harsh Singh. The moment our CEO David Blotnick confirmed that he would be traveling to India, Harsh sprung into action. As he is usually the one to prepare and manage any India related activity, a big event like this was very important to him and very close to his heart, so it had to be perfect! He searched for a great hotel within the requirements and Four Points by Sheraton turned out to be the right pick. The next step was figuring out how to get everyone in to Delhi. Consult PR India Ltd employees can now work virtually from home and with that considered...coordinating their logistics from seven different states across India: Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Bihar, Orissa, Maharashtra and Haryana...was always going to be interesting. Various modes of transportation were utilized in getting the group together and was a success as out of the 19 persons on the team, 18 were able to make it. The arrangements from sourcing tokens of appreciation, printing of certificates, booking a professional photographer and literally everything in between left Harsh happily exhausted. To his satisfaction, everything came together flawlessly. The cherry on top of his cake was seeing everyone participating and enjoying themselves, and having one of the team members tell him that out of all the company events he’s attended in the past, this one was the absolute best!

David Blotnick’s time in India was indeed memorable. This was his second trip to the seventh largest country in the world and it did not disappoint. He met with the team to have lunch and light drinks at Four Points by Sheraton before the conference. He addressed the team where he shared what the plans and vision for the company are for the remainder of 2019 into 2020. David discussed what they have accomplished and where they are headed to make sure everyone is on the same page and sees the vision of where our company is headed. It was a very productive meeting and a great time spent. He loved the participation and engagement of all the team members and the camaraderie between them was remarkable and wonderful to see. He thanked the team on behalf of management and the rest of Consult PR, for their dedication and outstanding work. Certificates in various categories such as employee of the year, employee of the month and promotions were handed out. They all received an Amazon Echo Dot which was a token of appreciation for their hard work. David thoroughly enjoyed each person’s bio as it was a chance for everyone to get to know each other a bit better.

Shweta Pandey, Consult PR’s Vice President of Logistics, shares the same sentiments of all the team members in attendance - that the two days of events were a great success. “It was a great experience being able to meet the team in person, especially our company’s CEO David. Hearing management’s expectations and praise was encouraging. The rapport between the team members was heartwarming and it’s great to see everyone feel comfortable enough to make jokes, take pictures and over all have a grand time,” Shweta said.  She noted that everything from sharing their bios, signing the banners, dancing in the parking lot and involving David in their culture, was memorable! Day two was a day of fun as the team got bendy in a yoga session and broke a sweat while playing football and badminton. They wrapped up the day with drinks and went home with wonderful, indelible memories.

Overall the event exceeded expectations and continued to foster the desire to consistently put a personality and face to the voices they hear almost on a daily basis. It was a great opportunity for everyone to get on the same page work-wise while having fun. The management at Consult PR thanks everyone for coming out and participating. The work done by Consult PR’s employees in India is nothing short of incredible and we thank you for your daily contribution and for always making our clients happy. Our future looks bright with each of you in our team and David was humbled with the hospitality and respect shown and honored to have spent some quality time with you all!

CEO David Blotnick and the India Team donned in their traditional wear for dinner and drinks at Four Points by Sheraton

CEO David Blotnick addressing the India Team

Yogendra Singh receiving his trophy and certificate for Employee of the Year from CEO David Blotnick

The yoga session conducted by Vice President of Logistics, Shweta Pandey

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