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consultpr email marketing

CPR On The Road To Recovery With Phased Opening

StaffJune 2020

Like many other businesses, Consult PR has been hit hard by the economic slowdown caused by the Coronavirus outbreak.  Thanks to the loyalty and support of our amazing clients, we are able to keep our staff employed, and our proverbial “lights” on. Now that most of our great nation is on the path to economic recovery, we as a company have also taken steps to get our business back to where it was. 

Over the past few weeks, we have added some new members to our team. This has been our way of helping to counter the unemployment issues that arose during this pandemic, as well as a strategy to recover lost revenues. We are pleased to welcome the following persons to the Consult PR family:

Andrew Persaud (Operations Manager)

Richard Henry (Senior Digital Marketing Specialist)

Kaierouann Imarah Radix (Digital Marketing Consultant).

Jenae D’Anjou (Digital Marketing Specialist)

Aashi Roy (Quality Assurance Specialist)

Abhijeet Suman (Web Designer)

Together we look forward to accomplishing great things!  

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