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Creative Website Development

CPRFebruary 2012

One needs to determine:

Who the audience are?

What is that they are looking for?

How can we present the right information to the right audience group?

The goal here is not be just another web development firm out in the market trying to build custom websites. Usually, most of the web enterprises don’t work hard enough to understand the real business needs of the customer. Every customer is treated as yet another customer.

Creating an effective online presence for the customers in a way that it gains both attention and comprehension of the audience is the real challenge.

The creativity should be centred on bridging the right balance between the information that is already known to the audience and the understanding that we are trying to lead them to. Therefore when we design content for a website, we need to take extreme care to harmonize our ideas with textual representations and use the right aid of supporting graphic elements.

Most of the times, designers populate the web page with text, links, graphics with the intention of filling up the space. They fail to realize how powerful a weapon is online communication, if properly utilized. Websites that are thought provoking are the most successful ones that create an effective online presence. Attractive web layouts and sophisticated content-writing aren’t the obvious contributors to the success of these websites. It’s instead the ideas; what really matters is the quality of the content, the essence of the copy used and above all the ways in which the information is communicated effectively online.

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