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consultpr email marketing

Digital Marketing Is Especially Relevant During This Outbreak

StaffApril 2020

The current Coronavirus outbreak and economic disruption has had major implications for many industries, including marketing. That said, Digital Marketing is still trending hot and has been significantly less impacted than traditional media marketing.


  • More people are at home and are on their phones/mobile devices eager for content due to much of the usual content being missing in action i.e. sports, etc.
  • Communicating constantly changing updates to clients, customers, patients, etc. requires a more expansive digital footprint and flexible/ nimble techniques.
  • Digital marketing is a major factor in the planning for the reopening of your business activities as we all eventually return to the “new normal”.  In fact, planning and set-up of programming needs to occur now to ensure low acquisition costs, hyper targeted initiatives and measurable outcomes.

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Consult PR’s marketing specialists understand the delicate balance of speaking to your audience and saying the right things to them without being too salesy or too pushy at a time when everyone is worried about pinching pennies and surviving this uncertain situation that we're all in. We understand the messaging, we understand how to get it out and we can help you get it out. We also want to illustrate the importance of starting to plan now for the recovery and return to a safer existence and vibrant economy. We’re here for you and we’re all in this together.


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