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AMANDA BASDEO Marketing Operations Manager

In May 2013, Amanda was hired to work for Consult PR as an Account Executive and has worked her way up to her current designation as Marketing Operations Manager. Amanda continues to display excellent leadership qualities and is a diligent worker. Her proactive attitude and her ability to use initiative have been demonstrated time and time again- giving Consult PR and (more importantly) its clients, complete confidence in her work.

Before Consult PR, Amanda worked at Clear Connect Inc as a Live Chat Agent for America’s largest telephone company- AT&T. At school, excelling in all her academic studies was more of a habit for Amanda. She completed her high school education at North Georgetown Secondary where she was awarded numerous certificates for her excellent performance.

Amanda grew up in Industry- a small community on the East Coast of Demerara in Guyana - with her parents and seven (7) siblings. Her hobbies include cooking, horse riding, and more recently she has adopted a passion for roller skating. With lots and lots of practice, Amanda hopes that one day she will become a Pro Skater - practice indeed makes perfect!

Her favorite quote is “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe - it can achieve.”

Consult PR is happy to have Amanda serve as its Marketing Operations Manager. The company looks forward to her continued commitment and dedication as it strives to exceed the expectations of its clients in the years to come.

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Nandanie Ramrattan Marketing QA Specialist

Nandanie completed her Secondary Education at the Anna Regina Multilateral Secondary School and then furthered her education at the University of Guyana, attaining a Bachelor of Social Sciences Degree in Business Management.

Before Consult PR, Nandanie served as a Teller and Customer Service Representative at Citizens Bank Guyana for just over five years.

When not working, Nandanie keeps herself busy by reading, cooking, making craft, gardening, and interior design. She is quite the creative individual, with an innate love for animals, trees, and nature in its entirety. She also thoroughly enjoys any "fun in the sun" activities.

Words that resonate with Nandanie are: "To grow, to love, to achieve. I will be the best version of myself and love my neighbors likewise. To return what has been given to me threefold and to love, respect and care for animals as I would for humans. I will better myself in an effort to give more to my family, work and this Earth."

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Jennifer Ramsundar Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist

Jennifer was born in Berbice, Guyana but has had the fortunate experience to live in all three counties while growing up. Now an adult, Jennifer has settled in Georgetown where she spent three years working at the Regency Suites/Hotel in varying capacities, which has been the foundation of her career aspirations. She moved on to enhance her career goals by working in the capacity of a supervisor at the Massy Stores, Guyana before joining the Consult PR team.

Jennifer enjoys reading books and writing novels of her own. She believes that traveling is one of the most enriching pursuits in life. Jennifer considers herself a perfectionist at heart, and as such, this part of her demands the best, especially from herself.

One of her favorite quotes is that from renowned poet Oscar Wilde, “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” She tries to live each day by this mantra.



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