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Marketing Operations Manager

In May 2013, Amanda was hired to work for Consult PR as an Account Executive and has worked her way up to her current designation as Sr. Marketing Liaison. Amanda continues to display excellent leadership qualities and is a diligent worker. Her proactive attitude and her ability to use initiative have been demonstrated time and time Consult PR and (more importantly) its clients complete confidence in her work.

Prior to Consult PR, Amanda worked at Clear Connect Inc as a Live Chat Agent for America’s largest telephone company- AT&T. At school, excelling in all her academic studies was more of a habit for Amanda. She completed her high school education at North Georgetown Secondary where she was awarded numerous certificates for her excellent performance.

Amanda grew up in Industry- a small community on the East Coast of Demerara in Guyana - with her parents and seven (7) siblings. Her hobbies include cooking, horse riding, and more recently she has adopted a passion for roller skating. With lots and lots of practice, Amanda hopes that one day she will become a Pro Skater - practice indeed makes perfect!

Her favorite quote is “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe - it can achieve.”

Consult PR is happy to have Amanda serve as its Sr. Marketing Liaison. The company looks forward to her continued commitment and dedication as it strives to exceed the expectations of its clients in the years to come.

(561) 444-7265 Ext.127

Nandanie Ramrattan

Marketing QA Specialist

Nandanie completed her Secondary Education at the Anna Regina Multilateral Secondary School and then furthered her education at the University of Guyana, attaining a Bachelor of Social Sciences Degree in Business Management.

Prior to Consult PR, Nandanie served as a Teller and Customer Service Representative at Citizens Bank Guyana for just over five years.

When not working, Nandanie keeps herself busy with reading, cooking, craft making, gardening and interior design. She is quite the creative individual, with an innate love for animals, trees and nature in its entirety. She also thoroughly enjoys any "fun in the sun" activities.

Words that resonate with Nandanie are: "To grow, to love, to achieve. I will be the best version of myself and love my neighbors likewise. To return what has been given to me threefold and to love, respect and care for animals as I would for humans. I will better myself in an effort to give more to my family, work and this Earth."

(561) 444-7265 Ext.153

Kyle Rahaman

Marketing Account Executive

Joining the team in early 2018 as a Marketing Account Executive, Kyle is a promising member of the Marketing Team with a background in both writing and marketing that he applied to quickly learn the ropes.

Born and raised in Georgetown, the capital city of Guyana, Kyle attended Marian Academy throughout his Primary and Secondary education. Post graduation he went on the achieve a BSc in International Relations from the University of Guyana and a Diploma in Business from Cambridge University.

Kyle is an imaginative individual with a flair for tech and for learning new, interesting things. As a passionate musician and an artist in his spare time, Kyle also has a great eye and ear for creativity, detail and design.

(561) 444-7265 Ext.159

Miriam D'Anjou

Marketing Account Executive

Miriam D'Anjou was born and raised in Georgetown, Guyana, within a small family of four. She attended Tutorial High School where she discovered her love for writing after being placed in the classroom with an English Teacher. Having graduated with the top grades in her class, in 2017 she started the University of Guyana and is well on her way to receiving that degree in English Literature. Having a passion for writing since she was a little girl, when she graduates she plans to continue down the same path.

Other than being a student she has experience in customer service and has also dabbled in cooking and cake designing. She loves to travel and has visited to a few countries such as Brazil where half her family resides and Barbados, experiencing the different cultures and food.

She is a strong worker who believes you can achieve anything as long as you're willing to work for it.

(561) 444-7265 Ext.158

Indera Lall

Marketing QA Specialist

Indera Lall is an easy going and very charismatic individual. She's the type of person to take control and make her visions come through.

Born and raised in Guyana, Indera Lall experienced the upbringing in both the country and city area of Guyana. She attended Anna Regina Multilateral Secondary, having graduated with an excellent pass rate she proceeded to earn a certificate in Sales and Marketing at The Business School. Not stopping there she continues with the aim of earning her MBA through Nations University.

Apart from being a student she enjoys writing and reading blogs online. Indera Lall also enjoys gaming and looking at movies in her spare time (bit of a movie critic).

She lives her life through the quote "Be the change that you wish to see in the world" by Mahatma Gandhi.

(561) 444-7265 Ext.161

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