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consultpr email marketing

consultpr email marketing

consultpr email marketing

consultpr email marketing

consultpr email marketing
consultpr email marketing
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The Power of Passive
Repetitive Marketing?

Why the word “passive” when referring to Digital Marketing? Combine that with the word “repetitive” and Consult PR believes you will have a winning passive repetitive marketing strategy, especially as it relates to an email marketing campaign.

Our Digital Marketing team has a solid track record of knowing how to formulate a winning email campaign that touches your target market 4-6 times over a period of about eight weeks. We craft your email “drip campaign” sending it to your desired referral partners, introducing you and your services. Most importantly, we tell them why their reaching out to you is a win-win.

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Image Best Practices to stay out of email jail

Best Practices to stay out of email jail

Consult PR knows that sending email campaigns must abide by the CANN-SPAM Act, a law that established rules and requirements for sending emails to businesses. There are tough penalties for businesses and individuals who break those rules.

Our Digital Marketing department shares our best practices to stay out of email jail right here.

Ask permission - which can be done in a variety of ways - we know them all and implement them on behalf of our clients.

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Digital Marketing Course

Expand your Digital Web Presence by signing up for our hands-on, interactive, and highly engaging Digital Marketing Course.

Our 12-week course; just a one hour a week investment of your time, conducted live on GoToMeeting (and you get the recording!), is designed to give you and designated members of your team, such as an administrative assistant, an opportunity to learn all that is possible in the sometimes confusing world of Digital Marketing.

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