It's easy nowadays to find a decent and trustworthy SEO firm. This did not use to be the case as little as just a few years ago when it seemed every unemployed salesperson was all of a sudden an SEO specialist. Like all good SEO firms we are white-hat which means we follow the rules and don’t look for easy/ quick results that can get your firm penalized by Google. But what do we mean by "engineering targeted SEO results" well that's what sets us apart.

Custom engineered SEO initiatives require a concerted effort between marketing team members and computer science engineers...notice we did not say web developers...because most web developers today don’t have a computer science degree and therefore don’t truly know how to code and work with the web’s nuances. We can pull this off and be massively successful for our clients at Consult PR because unlike most SEO firms we have engineering in-house under the same roof. We have employees that build custom cloud software and custom websites from scratch day in and day’s easy enough to pull those team members in when needed. Our marketing team brings this benefit to bear for our clients without the additional costs of any outside consulting, etc. and because our talent is in-house and in tune with the CPR corporate culture...we can get to market rapidly with ridiculously well thought out and successful initiatives.

Funny enough it's usually our clients that say "can this be done...can that be done", since they know their businesses and industries so well. We kick those ideas around and sooner or later some rise to the top and before you know it a custom engineered and targeted SEO initiative kicks off. If you have some ideas that you were told "can’t be done by another firm" they probably meant to say "they could not do it" us today and let's see what good we can do together for your business.

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