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Harsh Singh’s Journey To EVP Is Truly Inspiring

StaffJanuary 2023

“Believe in yourself, and anything is possible.” Harsh Singh, Executive Vice President at Consult PR, truly believes this.

It's the 4th Quarter of 2013… Consult PR President Paul Ramkissoon and EVP Chuck Konga have been exploring the idea of shifting international offshore operations from Colombia to India. Web design production, development and QA would be the core of the operations, with a thought spared for the emergent digital marketing vertical that would need reinforcement for existing staff in Guyana. India has long since emerged as the world leader in technology talent, with already an incredible 3 million IT professionals amongst the working population.  If India is going to be the direction/ decision, given that it’s half a world away in a dramatically different time zone & culture, there is the feeling that a truly special/ unique candidate needs to be identified to lead this next phase of expansion. Paul begins to lean on his relationships with friends and family to ascertain if anyone knew of talented leaders in India. The ideal candidate would be referred from a trustworthy source, since that person would essentially be at the head of the lettuce.

Mr. Praveen and Mrs. Divya Singh from Lucknow, India, had two boys- Prateek and Harsh Singh. The Singh brothers grew up in their hometown (Lucknow), and after a few years and a significant amount of over-achievement in IT, Prateek (the elder Singh brother) migrated to the USA.



Paul had always been a cricket fanatic, and so it was no surprise that this popular bat-ball game made two individuals from different nations cross paths. Paul and Prateek played cricket for the same club and together, in 2007, formed a new cricket club—Palm Beach Titans—a highly competitive team, focused on winning championships. By then, Paul (Captain, Palm Beach Titans CC) and Prateek (Vice-Captain, Palm Beach Titans CC) had developed a great sense of brotherhood. Not exaggerating, the “Paul-Prateek” duo was analogous to the iconic Kirk-Spock Star Trek duo, complementing each other on the way to amazing feats in the middle.

When Paul shared his idea of shifting offshore operations to India and the dire need for a talented leader with his buddy Prateek, he came to know that Prateek had a brother who was managing a digital marketing firm in Noida, India. He was a young and dynamic individual who had recently completed his MBA and was open to exciting opportunities. One thing led to another, and that’s how Paul Pamkissoon, President of Consult PR, met Harsh Singh. 

Paul’s first tête-à-tête with Harsh was over a skype call and his initial reaction was that he may have found the leader CPR needed! The firm welcomed Harsh Singh onboard on January 15th, 2014. Harsh was hired to spin up the firm’s Indian operations and flexed his leadership and mentorship muscles from day 1. Years later, he would also earn a promotion to General Manager making him responsible for all offshore operations (India and Guyana). Eight years later, we are thrilled to announce his well-deserved promotion to Executive Vice President (EVP) of CPR. 


Harsh has been happily married for more than 10 years to his childhood sweetheart Mitali. Together they are raising their daughter Misha and son Kabir. When he is not working, Harsh loves spending quality time with his family. Anyone who knows Harsh knows he’s a fun guy that enjoys a good challenge. Because of his jovial nature, he is much loved and respected by his colleagues.

Harsh’s promotion sees him join longtime leader Chuck Konga as one of two Executive Vice Presidents here at Consult PR. In meetings, it's not uncommon for Paul to refer to Harsh and Chuck as his right and left arms. The future here at CPR is brighter than ever with such leaders as Harsh making their mark on our firm, our team and our CPR client family!

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