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Have You Had A Few Hiccups With Your Company Going Virtual? Let Us Help!

StaffOctober 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has jump-started a new practice in the way many businesses are operating. The emergence of virtual offices and work from home policies came as a result of businesses needing to find ways to keep themselves operating without putting employees at risk of contracting COVID-19. However, the pandemic has lasted much longer than expected and many company executives are realizing that the benefits of remote work may outweigh the benefits of an on-site workplace. According to a survey conducted by global research company Gartner, of 317 CFOs and business finance leaders surveyed, 74% said they plan to move their previously on-site workforce to permanently remote positions post-COVID-19.

This shift to virtual operations has led to an increase in the demand and popularity of cloud-based software. According to one JPMorgan analyst, videoconferencing tool Zoom has seen its daily usage rise by more than 300% from before the pandemic. And on March 18, Microsoft announced that its collaboration tool Teams added 12 million daily users just that week, bringing the total to 44 million. This transition to remote work on such a massive scale would not have been possible in the server-led infrastructure of 15 to 20 years ago, according to Forbes.

Cloud-based software and work-from-home is not new. However, many companies chose to  “drag their feet” on making the substantial investment required for cloud-based software and remote working environments. They recognized that a shift to cloud software was imminent but they were in no rush. The current pandemic, however, has forced their hand. 

Cloud computing, which has been touted for its flexibility, reliability and security, has emerged as one of the few saving graces for businesses during this pandemic. Did your company make a hasty investment in cloud-based software?Are you considering continuing to operate virtually? Before you do that, step back, take a breath and call us for a free consultation. We can discuss with you how to optimize your investment in cloud technology and services and we will look for ways to optimize your investment. At Consult PR, we’ve been developing custom cloud software and dealing with cloud solutions and services for over 20 years. Reach out to us and let us help you understand your environment and how you can make it more efficient.

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