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In the case of hosting with Consult PR, this is what we term a passive/ cost pass-through area of our business...meaning we are seeking a benefit for our clients as opposed to a profit center for our business model. We only offer hosting services to our website, digital marketing and cloud application clients. This means if you are looking for a new hosting provider only, then we are not a good fit. Instead, we focus on providing incredible value to our clients by bulk buying and managing robust and secure environments that allow for the following benefits:

  • Environments are made available to our clients through our bulk buy and segmented shared servers that their firm, if attempted by themselves externally, would pay 2-300% more for. Since, most of our our delivered websites, web applications, etc. contain more robust engineering that the norm, we knew we needed to create better environments for our clients. Over the years we negotiated with the major hosting firms across the country and deployed a series of dedicated servers in their data centers that provide all the expected redundancies, security at an advanced level and unmatched speeds and benefits. Essentially, clients can experience dedicated server speeds in a shared environment at a fraction of the costs typically associated with such advanced hosting setups.
  • Layered service, meaning not only do you get the hosting "providers" support team 24-7-365 but you also get CPR's team layered on top M-F 9AM-5PM EST. This allows in most cases for one point of contact for a client, that being their relationship representative at Consult PR. Keep this in mind too, because of the monetary commitment we are making as bulk buyer with the hosting providers, we get access to and are supported by their highest level support teams, another benefit for our clients to enjoy.
  • Peace of mind. Should you experience an outage, rest assured that the hosting provider is aware of the issue and already working to rectify. As it is, the hosting providers have a 99.9% network uptime guarantee. That said, we have an elaborate and detailed array of alerts to make sure we stay proactive as well as expeditiously reactive if needed. Also, CPR staff members will contact you to advise you of the issue and resolution during business hours. Should you still wish to send an email to alert us of the issue (just to be sure) in the rare occurrence of an outage, please email
  • The final benefit of hosting with CPR is improved timeliness and lower costs to process updates, etc. Since you, our client, is hosted in environments we have are innately familiar with and have immediate access to we can deploy updates, fixes, maintenance and more at a rapid and expedient pace. Time is money as they say, and this benefit plays largely to that cliche.

Thank you for being our client and hosting with us. If you are prospective client considering our services, be sure to have a conversation about hosting with your relationship representative and learn about how and why we go the extra mile for our hosting clients.

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