So why are custom website developers seemingly so elitist, while freelance template website developers i.e. WordPress so popular. Simply put, there are not enough custom website development firms to go around. In the custom development world, your web developer has a college CPR most of our folks have their master’s degrees in computer science for instance. In the freelance world, anyone can take a multi day course and present themselves as a web expert to an unsuspecting client that cannot easily discern the difference between a template design vs. a custom design engineered solution. The low costs of template websites combined with less custom firms contribute to the popularity of template sites like WordPress...but just because something is popular does not mean it is best. Below is a chart outlining how the features of a WordPress website line up against the vastly superior CPR custom website. To also see a cost comparison click here. That said, budget is a major factor for some firms and we totally get that. But if you go that route initially, make sure your business has a reminder in the future to be sure you get your web presence sorted out and get into a relationship with a quality web technology partner as soon as you can afford to do so.

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