Due to increases competition in Google each year, the cost per click for the same keyword phrases one year later tend to become substantially higher. Stated another way, spend the same and get less leads year after year...the only way to keep up is to spend more. What can be done to reverse this trend? Well nothing can be done to reverse it as that is the nature of free marketing bid/ auction oriented systems that are wildly popular like Google search. That said, you can refine your PPC campaigns if you know the right techniques.

Most small businesses rely on their free Google Support rep to give them advice on how to tweak their PPC accounts. Whoa...hang on...consider that you are asking the firm you are spending money with how to spend less with them and get more...when has that ever worked out well. It turns out we do have some great techniques that can do exactly that. Rather than list the exact details of an actual case study here, we felt to simply say...we can prove it because we have done it in almost every instance where we have been hired. When you contact us for a free initial consultation, simply request a demo of an actual client PPC account and we can arrange a real life example. Our clients love that we have done this for them and would not mind at all if they could help in your making the decision to have us do it for your firm.

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