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Innovation On Display At Market 25 Produce Stand!

CPR StaffJune 2014

Credit the vision of Market 25’s Owner, Doug Rodrigues, for coming up with cool stuff for his customers like…pre-order and pre-pay for strawberries among other fresh fruits and vegetables and have it ready for you to pick up by the time you arrive! 

Wow…this alone, not mention the new improved e-commerce website and recently launched comprehensive search engine marketing initiatives, put Doug and everyone at Market 25 way ahead of the curve in their market and industry. 

Check back in about 3 weeks when we will be launching their new website at If you’re in the San Jose/ Gilroy California area…check these guys out…and if you’re farmer/ produce stand operator…call Doug for some tips!

Paul & Chuck on a recent market visit met with Doug for an awesome authentic Mexixan lunch in Gilroy and later visited both their world famous strawberry fields (where they picked and ate fresh berries…the best they ever tasted) and the Market 25 location in Gilroy. Check out the pictures below of them along with visionary farmer Doug Rodrigues!

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