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consultpr email marketing

Jennifer Ramsundar

Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist

Jennifer has been with the Consult PR family for over 1 Year 9 Months!
Jennifer has 1 Year of experience in the industry!
Jennifer has won the marketing specialist award 7 times!
Jennifer has been promoted 1 time! within the company!

(561) 444-7265 Ext.184

Jennifer is yet another young, vibrant addition to our team! She joined our Consult PR family in 2019 as a Marketing Account Executive and has since grown tremendously. 


Before joining Consult PR, Jennifer worked in the hotel and finance industry. Her leadership qualities were on display as a restaurant and events manager for a prominent hotel. She then went on to become a supervisor in the finance department of Massy Stores which is a huge conglomerate in the Caribbean region.  She credits her propensity for being very organized, a stickler for procedures, and a ‘let’s get it done’ kind of person for her success to date.  Her professional experiences foreshadowed her role here at Consult PR as this paved the way to her realizing her strengths, organization, and leadership.


Jennifer enjoys reading and traveling. She believes that traveling is one of the most enriching pursuits in life. Jennifer considers herself a perfectionist at heart, and as such, this part of her demands the best, especially from herself. Jennifer’s unique personality, attention to detail, and effective way of communicating make her a rising leader here at Consult PR. 

  • Google Analytics Certified

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