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Let Consult PR Make Your Great Phone App Idea A Reality

StaffJuly 2020

The average American spends about 5.4 hours on their phone. Thanks to technology, most phones these days are what we consider “smartphones” with the capability to download applications/apps (2.7 billion if you’re looking for a number). When we consider this, it’s no surprise that the phone app industry is such a budding one that continues to develop each day. Apps are a great way to continuously reach your customer base with updates, offers, and just regular marketing communications. Building an app isn’t an easy process though, especially if you’re looking for custom functionalities. This is one of our specialties here at Consult PR. In fact, we have been a preferred vendor for many companies looking to build a phone app, and in this article, we’ll tell you why. 

To us, ‘custom’ is more than an overused word

We often see things being described as custom (custom website, custom app, custom clothes, custom jewelry) but are they really ‘custom’? A lot of what is described as custom just ends up being more of the generic stuff. At Consult PR, we understand that custom means unique, different, exciting, fun. We want your app to stand out and to make waves in the industry. People aren’t going to be intrigued by another generic, cookie-cutter template app, no - they want something that will fit their specific needs and requirements. That’s where we come in! We take the time to properly understand what you’re hoping to accomplish and what your vision is for your app. Then, based on our professional expertise, we provide a detailed plan for what is possible, an estimated timeline, and how you can accomplish it within budget. 

We’re Not Here To Waste Your Time or Money, In Fact, We’re Here to Make You Money

Even with the right company, building a phone app can be a long process with a lot of moving parts. Consult PR is a development firm larger than most freelancers/small companies but not as big as the brand-name firms that will charge you upwards of 7 figures to get your app to market. Time and again, we’ve taken on the role of helping clients get their apps to market after they would’ve signed with a small firm that spent a large chunk of their money but simply didn’t have the resources to complete their project. One of our most recent clients, Scott Rogers, owner of the BUZ app, was in this same position before he came to us. His previous development firm was unable to bring his project to completion after almost 2 years. We stepped in to take over the project and were able to get his app launched in a fraction of the time. BUZ is Charlotte’s new premier connecting app. It brings people in Charlotte together with businesses in Charlotte (such as bars, restaurants, breweries, cafes). 

Our firm hires the ‘best of the best’ developers and we work with you to create an app that fits your requirements. We’re not going to waste your money on creating unnecessary bells and whistles to inflate your budget and extend your timeline. Instead, we’ll create a product that does exactly what it’s supposed to. We understand that the longer it takes for your app to get on the market, the more money you’re losing out on. 

Communication Is Key When It Comes To Monetizable Phone Apps 

As part of the consultation for your app, we create a detailed specifications document that includes information on how to host, maintain, and upgrade the app after it’s launched. We can also maintain and upgrade your app to match new phone versions and OS’ as they come out. Consult PR is headquartered in West Palm Beach, FL but we have over 1000 clients across the United States. Our project lead is constantly in communication with you throughout the duration of your project, and even after. 

Speaking about his experience with Consult PR, Scott, CEO of BUZ, said: “My experience was much better with CPR. There was a lot of communication between me and Chuck, (Chuck is my point of contact) so I don't have to reach out to a lot of other people…having one point of contact made it a lot easier.”

There are a lot of great app ideas out there that are yet to come to fruition. Do you think you have the next million-dollar app idea? Whether you’re looking to develop an app to reach your customers directly, to sell a product/service or you’d like to sell/license your app, we are the firm to help you get this done. Give us a call to set up a consultation. 

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