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The Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC), molding the nation’s youth since 1964, as was the case with our firm’s President

StaffJuly 2019

For over 50 years, the JROTC has been molding great citizens, mentors, military servicemen/women, entrepreneurs and future leaders, including Consult PR’s very own President, Paul Ramkissoon. 

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Google Calendar Went Out For Three Hours And We All Had An Existential Crisis

Scottie Andrew And Brian RiesJuly 2019

Google Calendar went out for three hours and we all had an existential crisis. CNN’s  Scottie Andrew and Brian Ries give us a rundown of what really happened.

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Gain A Competitive Edge With An ADA Compliant Website.

StaffJune 2019

Accessibility is one of the key components of websites today. Let Consult PR help you get compliant and prevent a lawsuit.

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How To Test Your Website For ADA And WCAG Compliance

Peter BoydJune 2019

Did you know that ADA compliance extends to websites now? Learn more about how the ADA may affect your business and how you can test your website for compliance.

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Importance Of Google Reviews

StaffMay 2019

A positive online reputation is a powerful tool which can be harnessed to grow your business. Here’s how and why it’s so important in the internet era...

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Is There Really A Best Time To Send Marketing Email?

Paul TalbotMay 2019

There’s never a good time to send a bad email. And there’s no shortage of debate over the best time to send a good email… with content that’s relevant and timely.

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Meet Our New Logistics Administrator, Arash Sidhu Kashyap

StaffMay 2019

Excellent logistic skills, a child at heart and an avid coffee drinker, meet Arash Sidhu Kashyap, Consult PR’s Logistics Administrator!

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