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Vermont Will Pay Remote Workers $10,000 To Move Here

April McCullumAugust 2018

If you and your laptop are considering moving to Vermont, the state wants to sweeten the deal.

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5 Ways Companies Use Your Cellphone Location Data

Sarah KrouseAugust 2018

U.S. wireless carriers said they would cut off two middlemen, but they aren’t the only firms using your location data

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Twitter Is Purging Suspicious Accounts From Your Follower Count

Seth FiegermanAugust 2018

Don't be surprised to see the number of people following you on Twitter drop this week.

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Google's Gmail Gets Self-destruct Option Ahead Of GDPR

BBCAugust 2018

Google's email service is adding the option to allow messages to become inaccessible after a set time as it prepares for tougher data privacy laws.

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Google Roundup: Eight New Features Plus A Major Security Upgrade For Chrome

Kevin MurnaneAugust 2018

Google was busy this week with upgrades and new features for its apps and devices, and a major security update for the Chrome browser. Here are some of the changes Google rolled out recently.

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Microsoft Calls On Government To Regulate Facial-Recognition Technology

Jay GreeneAugust 2018

Brad Smith, president of tech giant, addresses potential ‘sobering’ uses for such technology

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Gmail Messages 'read By Human Third Parties'

BBCAugust 2018

Google has confirmed that private emails sent and received by Gmail users can sometimes be read by third-party app developers, not just machines.

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