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10 Ways Twitter Changed Marketing In The Past 10 Years

Search Engine JournalMarch 2016

Twitter has changed marketing forever. Check out the 10 ways it will help revolutionize your brand.

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12 Search Terms Local Business Owners Should Know

Practical EcommerceFebruary 2016

Being in the know about digital jargon is cool! Read on for a quick education; every savvy business owner should understand these terms, especially if attaining a dominant online presence is your goal.

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These 6 Technologies Will Define 2016

Washington PostJanuary 2016

Happy 2016! If you are serious about staying relevant with the times, topic 5 is a must for you!

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Mobile Security Company Lookout Has Raised $150 Million To Expand Services To Enterprise Clients.

CPRAugust 2014

As with all other important things in our life, our mobile phones need to be protected, especially from viruses. Here's our saving grace!

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3 Tips For Superior Website Performance

StaffAugust 2014

Your website's speed can be the difference between generating revenue and not generating revenue. Here are 3 awesome tips to help earn $$.

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Paul Suspected This For Some Time Now…and…it’s Confirmed!

CPRAugust 2014

Those of you that have been meeting with Paul may recall his suspicion of Twitter (and some other platforms) and related seeming automated numerical abnormalities there. Read on to see how that suspicion is now confirmed for Twitter.

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Hello Dallas And Welcome To The CPR Community And Family!

CPR StaffJune 2014

CPR's expansion into Dallas and the surrounding markets got off to a great start..accentuated by great BBQ..

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