Instagram Lets You Post Up To 10 Photos Or Videos As 1 Swipeable Carousel

Tech CrunchFebruary 2017

Too many pictures, not enough time. Well Instagram may have solved that problem for you. Check out how you can post up to 10 pics (or a video) with their new features they have rolled out.

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Android Overtakes Windows For First Time

Stat CounterJanuary 2017

A first in the world of technology: Android dominates Microsoft in the world of OS.

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5 Big Content Marketing Strategy Trends To Know This Year

Search Engine JournalJanuary 2017

Happy New Year! Mastering content marketing can be tricky. But knowing where to focus your time and energy will help you stay organized and on message. Some good suggestions here. Read on!

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3 Social Media Marketing Tools Your Business Should Be Using (But Probably Isn’t)

Social Media TodayDecember 2016

Happy Holidays! 2016 has been an amazing year for digital marketing.There may have been some features you have already utilized, but these tools should not go unused before the year is out, especially tool #1.

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360 Photos And Videos Are Coming To Facebook’s Instant Articles

Tech CrunchOctober 2016

360 Degrees! That's not the temperature right now, but it is the type of videos and photos you can post on your Facebook feed and ads to captivate the audience. This is a really cool concept - read on....

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How To Prioritize Your Social Media To-Do List

Social Media TodaySeptember 2016

Prioritizing your social media is the process of determining what is most important. You may be tempted to make everything a “high” priority; be cautious because if everything is marked important, then everything loses its urgency. If you want to get a grasp on which social media outlet you should focus on first, then reading this article should be your top priority!

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Facebook To Punish Advertisers With Slow Sites

Search Engine JournalAugust 2016

If you think the mobile version of your website does not have any affect on how often Facebook will show your ads, think again! Facebook is now holding higher standards for those whose ads are featured in their delivery system. Check out this article and make sure your mobile site measures up!

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