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Cybersecurity's Solar Eclipse: How We're Being Blinded By Marketing Buzzwords

Jamie ButlerNovember 2017

Cybersecurity's Solar Eclipse: How We're Being Blinded By Marketing BuzzwordsThis summer's historic solar eclipse was an amazing sight that reminded us of the beauty of our solar system, as well as the fact that you should never look directly at the sun.

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The Future Of Home Wi-Fi Is Fast, Expensive, Exotic

Christopher MimsNovember 2017

Some developments are right around the corner. Others work mostly in theory but are worth watching. Cisco projects that through 2021, consumption of data through Wi-Fi on mobile devices will grow 48% a year—faster even than the growth of data on cellular networks.

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Consult PR Management, Doing Great Things!

StaffNovember 2017

When they’re not helping you to create, market and expand your web presence, our leaders are up to some really great things.

Read on to find out what our leaders have been up to and the amazing activities some of the top players at Consult PR have been involved in recently.

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Why Powerful Brands And Influencers Choose Instagram To Connect With Audiences

Emily DrewryNovember 2017

It's impossible to deny the growing power of Instagram for both individuals and brands: the social media platform has launched careers of influencers, given celebrities a chance to connect with their fans, and lets brands talk directly to audiences.

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Atari's New Console Does Much More Than Just Video Games

Nicolas VegaNovember 2017

Atari has released more details about its upcoming video game console — and it’s a long way from the pioneering 2600 model that made Atari famous in the 1970s.

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This Crazy Camera Is The Future Of Photography

Geoffrey A. FowlerNovember 2017

Raise your hand if you or someone you love goes on vacation laden like a pack mule with camera gear. Big-lens digital SLR cameras sure take lovely photos but carrying one is literally a pain in the neck.

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Microsoft Is Crafting A Quantum Computing Language

Jon MartindaleNovember 2017

Microsoft is helping move us toward the future holy grail of quantum computing with the creation of a computing language that can run on a quantum computer.

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