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Meet Mark Ramotar, Consult PR’s New General Manager

StaffJanuary 2021

Consult PR recently appointed Mark Ramotar as our new General Manager. Mark is no stranger to the team, having built and developed our Content Department for over 2 years in his role as Editor. We wish Mark a world of success as he embarks on his new role!

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We Have Extended Our Discounted COVID-19 Programs To The End Of Q1 2021!

StaffJanuary 2021

We at Consult PR are committed to assisting our clients and potential clients with getting their businesses back on track this year. To assist our clients and the business community at large, we are extending our heavily discounted COVID-19 programs through the end of the first quarter of 2021 (until March 31st, 2021).

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Reflecting On 2020 And Looking Forward To What 2021 Has In Store

StaffJanuary 2021

2020 is finally over and it was an unprecedented year that tested us in every way. We look forward with optimism to what 2021 has in store.

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Congratulations To The Interns Selected As Part Of Our New Internship Program

StaffDecember 2020

Consult PR recently launched our paid internship program and our first set of interns have been chosen. Congratulations to the selected interns!

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Test Article With New Editor

December 2020

Consult PR is offering hosting and development services for ColdFusion applications. ColdFusion is a programming language created by...summary

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Google To Enforce 30% Take From In-app Purchases Next Year

Kif LeswingDecember 2020

For app developers distributing Android software on the Google Play Store, in-app purchases  will have to go through Google Play Store’s in-app payment system starting in Sept, 2021.

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‘We Are Outnumbered’ — Cybersecurity Pros Face A Huge Staffing Shortage As Attacks Surge During The Pandemic

Kate RogersNovember 2020

A staff shortage in the cybersecurity industry was made even more apparent when companies shifted to remote work and some cyber professionals were re-assigned to other tasks, including IT support.

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