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Google To Enforce 30% Take From In-app Purchases Next Year

Kif LeswingDecember 2020

For app developers distributing Android software on the Google Play Store, in-app purchases  will have to go through Google Play Store’s in-app payment system starting in Sept, 2021.

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‘We Are Outnumbered’ — Cybersecurity Pros Face A Huge Staffing Shortage As Attacks Surge During The Pandemic

Kate RogersNovember 2020

A staff shortage in the cybersecurity industry was made even more apparent when companies shifted to remote work and some cyber professionals were re-assigned to other tasks, including IT support.

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Covid-19 Forced Google To Change How It Predicts Traffic In Google Maps

StaffNovember 2020

Google has had to rethink how it predicts driving conditions for people using Google Maps, thanks to COVID-19.

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Building Your Web Presence With Backlinks

StaffNovember 2020

As the digital world continues to grow and expand, the importance of implementing the right tools to get your business noticed also grows. One such tool for increasing your digital footprint is backlinks, and Consult PR is the ideal firm to do this for you.

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Google Delays Mobile-first Indexing Deadline To March 2021

StaffOctober 2020

Earlier this year, Google announced a deadline for all sites to switch over to mobile-first indexing. Due to the pandemic, Google pushed the deadline from September 2020 to March 2021.

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Have You Had A Few Hiccups With Your Company Going Virtual? Let Us Help!

StaffOctober 2020

Was your company forced to go virtual during the pandemic? Have you made cloud capital investments faster than expected as an unfortunate side effect of COVID- 19? Give us a call, we’ve been helping our clients optimize their operations and save them money. We'd love to help you too.

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Highlighting Our Clients That Are Making A Difference During The COVID-19 Pandemic: PPE Wholesalers

FREDERICK, MD. (PRWEB)September 2020

Let us introduce you to one of our clients that is offering a new product or service to help curb the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). PPE Wholesalers is a company with a difference! Started by two medical professionals who are committed to delivering authentic products, they are the company that ensures Safety, Quality and Protection you can trust! 

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