Meet Harsh Singh - Our Witty, Cricket-loving SVP Of Operations

StaffFebruary 2019

Avid-cricketer, beer connoisseur and dedicated family man, we take some time to delve into the life of Harsh Singh, our SVP of Operations. For over 5 years, he has helped keep our company up-to-date on everything technology. It’s time for us to learn more about this sarcastic, video-game lover.

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VP Of Project Logistics, Chuck Konga Tells Us About His Impressive Career At Consult PR

StaffJanuary 2019

Chuck Konga shares intricate details about his soon to be 15 year career at Consult PR and what drives him to continue to pursue excellence with the company. He firmly believes that his success and that of the company are intertwined because he is driven by client satisfaction and a passion to develop new projects that are technologically innovative.

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What Is Digital Marketing? A Visual Summary.

Dave ChaffeyJanuary 2019

Digital Marketing is an amazing thing. It can also be confusing to some too. What is it really? How does it work? Read to find out more.

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Google Tried To Beat Facebook And All It Got Was Facebook's Headache

Seth FiegermanDecember 2018

Google desperately wanted to copy Facebook's success on social media. Instead, it may be left with a version of one of Facebook's biggest failures.

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Happy Holidays From Consult PR!

StaffDecember 2018

Happy Holidays and a New Year filled with prosperity and success. We at Consult PR hope you enjoy your holiday season and to kick things off for you, here are a few of our highlights for 2018.

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5 Ways Ignoring SEO Could Affect Your Bottom Line

Stephan SpencerDecember 2018

It may be possible to run a business in 2018 without doing search engine optimization, but doing so exposes you to risks and leaves money on the table. Read more about how ignoring SEO could drastically affect your bottom line...

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Happy Thanksgiving To Our Clients, Referral Partners & Employees!

StaffNovember 2018

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Here’s a quick “thank you” to all of our clients, all of our referral partners and our staff  for everything that you do. We at Consult PR would like to wish you all the gift of faith and blessings of hope during this cherished holiday. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts!

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