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The Metrics Of Marketing

Scott SageOctober 2013

GUEST MENTOR Scott Sage, partner at DFJ Esprit: In today's data-driven marketing world, you should really only think about marketing once you have reached your product-market-fit... This is the stage in your company where you know without a doubt what problem your product is solving for your users, that your users would be extremely upset if you shut down your product, and when you start to get unsolicited inbound leads for new users who are interested in using your product.

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Facebook, Twitter And Other Social-Media Tips For Small-Business Owners

CPROctober 2013

Facebook, Twitter and other social-media platforms can serve as valuable tools for small-business owners interested in attracting and retaining customers. But getting a great online presence going isn't as easy as clicking that "like" button.

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Go Viral And Mobile...or Be Left In The Dust

Paul Dharmendra RamkissoonSeptember 2013

Most of us by now have developed some interesting mobile habits.

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Marketers Seek Extra Edge To Go Viral


With brand marketers creating more subtly promotional online videos and blog posts than ever before, some are trying new ways of turning their efforts into viral hits.

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Social Media Influence On Purchase Decision Growing!

Paul Dharmendra Ramkissoon, President Of Consult PR, IncSeptember 2013

Over the past few years many business owners and marketing executives have scratched their collective heads in trying to make sense of how social media can benefit their businesses.

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Social Media Marketing Strategy

CPRMarch 2013

Community Management

Social media marketing strategy is built around communities and represents the voice of your company online. Community managers are normally in charge of social media as they will run all the companies operations that are based around communities such as blogs and forum posting. Creating and building a community is about participating in conversations about your organisation as well as trying to lead conversations and create buzz. Social Media communities are made up of the biggest fans of the organisation, and it provides an environment where they can interact directly with the organisation and provide valuable information and customer insights allowing you to make a variety of improvements to your business.

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Creative Website Development

CPRFebruary 2012

For any web development company, it is quite important to realize that creativity plays a major role in attracting the audience towards the information provided in the website. Applying creativity to a website design and development demands the right understanding of the audience's perceptual, cognitive and emotional needs. Most web development companies focus on generating "attractive designs". Often they fail to realize that they are limiting creativity to just an attractive layout that gains attention from the audience. What is equally or rather more important is the audience lifetime in the website. This demands the right understanding of the target audience. When designing a website, the first step is to explore and understand your audiences, their needs and expectations and then determine the best approach for maximizing your audience lifetime value. It's important to gather the client's requirements and develop a requirement specification. The requirement specification is refined through a series of review process with the client until all requirements are identified and understood.

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