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Paul Suspected This For Some Time Now…and…it’s Confirmed!

CPRAugust 2014

Those of you that have been meeting with Paul may recall his suspicion of Twitter (and some other platforms) and related seeming automated numerical abnormalities there. Read on to see how that suspicion is now confirmed for Twitter.

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Hello Dallas And Welcome To The CPR Community And Family!

CPR StaffJune 2014

CPR's expansion into Dallas and the surrounding markets got off to a great start..accentuated by great BBQ..

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Innovation On Display At Market 25 Produce Stand!

CPR StaffJune 2014

Congrats to Doug Rodriguez & Market 25 for his creative initiatives in making both online and in-store shopping for customers a walk in the fields. If you build it they will come.

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Today Safari Flops On Apple New Browser Speed Tests

Stephen ShanklandJune 2014

The Safari web browser, developed by Apple, has so far proven to be a major fail when compared to other browsers in the market's but that situation is short lived...

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Study- Google Leapfrogs Apple As World's Most Valuable Brand

CPR StaffJune 2014

According to a report by the world's second largest marketing research organization... Google trumps Apple in the tech world yet again...

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Hello Saginaw, Here Comes CPR!

StaffApril 2014

Consult PR welcomes Vassar Building Center as the latest addition to its client family. We extend our gratitude to them for making our outreach into the Saginaw market a success.

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'Kill Switch' May Be Standard On U.S. Phones In 2015

Doug GrossApril 2014

Smartphone theft has become an epidemic, not only in the United States but the world at large.The wireless industry has once again come up with another genius anti-theft, anti-crime tool on their devices that may make the efforts of cleptomaniacs not only unnecessarily risky but fruitless. The latest innovation being the kill switch

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