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California Passes Strictest Online Privacy Law In The Country

Heather KellyAugust 2018

The recent passage of the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018, has been described as a “huge win” by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Common Sense Media. He has stated that this now gives consumer privacy advocates a blueprint for success, and he looks forward to working with lawmakers across the nation to ensure robust data privacy protections for all Americans.

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Google's Gmail Gets Self-destruct Option Ahead Of GDPR

BBCAugust 2018

Google's email service is adding the option to allow messages to become inaccessible after a set time as it prepares for tougher data privacy laws.

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Google Roundup: Eight New Features Plus A Major Security Upgrade For Chrome

Kevin MurnaneAugust 2018

Google was busy this week with upgrades and new features for its apps and devices, and a major security update for the Chrome browser. Here are some of the changes Google rolled out recently.

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Microsoft Calls On Government To Regulate Facial-Recognition Technology

Jay GreeneAugust 2018

Brad Smith, president of tech giant, addresses potential ‘sobering’ uses for such technology

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Gmail Messages 'read By Human Third Parties'

BBCAugust 2018

Google has confirmed that private emails sent and received by Gmail users can sometimes be read by third-party app developers, not just machines.

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Part 5: Things You Need To Do To Improve Your Web Presence This Year | Google PPC - Remarketing

StaffJuly 2018

Having an effective online presence is key to the success of any business in today’s internet era. We hope you find this article helpful in optimizing and maximizing your web presence. To that end, we have been writing a series of articles that cover the latest trends in digital marketing, websites, cloud software, phone apps and more. This is the fifth article in this series.

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To Counter Google And Facebook, AT&T Buys An Ad Platform

Jill DisisJuly 2018

AT&T is looking to break Facebook and Google’s monopoly on the digital ad industry. The telecoms giant recently bought the digital technology firm AppNexus. More here...

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