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Effective July2018, Google’s Chrome Browser Will Mark Non-HTTPS Sites As Not Secure

Michelle RobbinsMay 2018

As of July 2018, Google will identify non HTTPS sites as ‘not secure’. We’ve reached out to most of our clients to let them know you need to make sure your site is secure, otherwise you can face penalties from Google. If you haven't already been in touch with us here at Consult PR, kindly reach out to us to have this done for you right away.

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Gmail Is Getting An Upgrade And Redesign, Here Are Six Changes We Know About [Updated]

Kevin MurnaneMay 2018

Google sent an email to G Suite administrators this past week letting them know that Gmail on the web is getting an upgrade and redesign. Google didn’t reveal all, but here are the changes we know about.

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Amazon Tops Google As Second Most Valuable Company In US

Paul R. La MonicaMay 2018

Jeff Bezos is worth about $130 billion, making him the wealthiest person on the planet — and presumably the universe. Maybe one day he'll venture into outer space in one of his Blue Origin rockets to look for another life form with more money.

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Next Stop For Microsoft: $1 Trillion?

Paul R. La MonicaMay 2018

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5 Incredibly Useful Tools For Your Digital Spring Cleaning

Kim KomandoMay 2018

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Google Loses 'right To Be Forgotten' Legal Battle

Seth FiegermanMay 2018

A UK judge has ordered Google to remove old articles about a businessman's past crime from its search results, dealing a blow to the tech company in its legal battle over Europe's "right to be forgotten" law.

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Our Memorial And Independence Special Offer

StaffMay 2018

Special Offer for Veterans and First Responders. Contact us today to receive special pricing on our services. Claim this limited time offer today!

This offer can not be combined with any existing offer

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