5 Incredibly Useful Tools For Your Digital Spring Cleaning

Kim KomandoMay 2018

It’s not just stuff. Your privacy needs a cleanup too. You’d be shocked at how much Google tracks you, including when and where you have been.

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Google Loses 'right To Be Forgotten' Legal Battle

Seth FiegermanMay 2018

A UK judge has ordered Google to remove old articles about a businessman's past crime from its search results, dealing a blow to the tech company in its legal battle over Europe's "right to be forgotten" law.

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Our Memorial And Independence Special Offer

StaffMay 2018

Special Offer for Veterans and First Responders. Contact us today to receive special pricing on our services. Claim this limited time offer today!

This offer can not be combined with any existing offer

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Facebook's New Rules For Pages Are A Big Deal, But There Are Major Questions

Donie O'SullivanMay 2018

Facebook announced Friday that it is introducing new rules for Facebook Pages — rules that, had they been in place earlier, could have stopped Russian trolls posing as Americans from wreaking havoc on the platform in the lead up to the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

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How To Make Alexa Do Your Bidding With New Custom Apps

Heather KellyMay 2018

Alexa now lets anyone make voice apps with it's new Blueprints tool, and it's perfect for trolling your family. Read on to find out more...


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Part 3: Things You Need To Do To Improve Your Web Presence This Year

StaffMay 2018

Having an effective online presence is key to the success of any business in the internet era. We hope you find this article helpful in optimizing and maximizing your web presence. To that end, we will be writing a series of articles that cover the latest trends in digital marketing, websites, cloud software, phone apps and more. This article is the third in this series.

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Your Online Identity Sells For Exactly $1,170 On The Dark Web -- Here's How To Block The Sale

John BrandonApril 2018

Harvesting a few of your credit cards, your social security number, your billing address, and even the names of your children now has an exact price tag, almost like an Amazon shopping list. According to a new study by Privacy Central, it’s exactly $1,170 on the dark web.

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