Huawei Launches New Operating System, Says It Can ‘immediately’ Switch From Google Android If Needed

Arjun KharpalNovember 2019

Huawei launches new operating system, says it can 'immediately' switch from Google Android if needed. Huawei's operating system will be called the HongmengOS, known in English as the HarmonyOS, said the CEO of the Chinese tech giant's consumer division, Richard Yu.

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A Blind Man Couldn’t Order Pizza From Domino’s. The Company Wants The Supreme Court To Say Websites Don’t Have To Be Accessible

Tucker HigginsOctober 2019

Guillermo Robles, who is blind, is one of an increasing number of Americans with disabilities who are bringing lawsuits under the ADA against businesses they say are discriminating against them by not providing accessible websites.

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Meet Our Creative Senior Web Designer, Jagmohan Singh

StaffOctober 2019

The embodiment of a family man with a keen eye for web designing,  CPR is proud to introduce our newest Senior Web Designer, Jagmohan Singh.

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Consult PR’s India Staff Retreat With Our CEO David Blotnick

StaffAugust 2019

CEO David Blotnick recently visited our India Team and boy was it a memorable trip!

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Digital Marketing Is No Longer About Products, It's About Buying A Better Version Of Yourself

Brianna WiestAugust 2019

Digital marketing today is about self-initiated communities, word-of-mouth trust, micro-influencers, branding through human stories, and messaging that stands for something.

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The Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC), molding the nation’s youth since 1964, as was the case with our firm’s President

StaffJuly 2019

For over 50 years, the JROTC has been molding great citizens, mentors, military servicemen/women, entrepreneurs and future leaders, including Consult PR’s very own President, Paul Ramkissoon. 

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Google Calendar Went Out For Three Hours And We All Had An Existential Crisis

Scottie Andrew And Brian RiesJuly 2019

Google Calendar went out for three hours and we all had an existential crisis. CNN’s  Scottie Andrew and Brian Ries give us a rundown of what really happened.

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