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What Comes After Passwords?

Steven NortonOctober 2017

For many companies, the goal is for the authentication of customer and employee identities to be nearly invisible, taking only a second as a shopper logs into the website, or running in the background as office staff do their work.

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Apple, Not Google Or Facebook, Will Define The Future Of Augmented Reality

Aaron TilleyOctober 2017

At Apple's last annual developer conference in June, one new tool captured the attention of developers perhaps more than any other product or tool introduced that day. Called ARKit, the tool for iOS 11 enables developers to create augmented reality applications that place digital objects in the real world.

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Will Robots Soon Replace Teachers In The Classroom?

News.com.auOctober 2017

Inspirational teachers of the future will be intelligent machines rather than humans, according to a British university vice chancellor. Within 10 years a technological revolution will sweep aside old notions of education and change the world forever, Sir Anthony Seldon says.

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7 Ways To Convert Website Visitors Into Subscribers

Amanda DiSilvestroSeptember 2017

Want more customers? Get more subscribers first! Here are seven tips to help convert your website visitors into subscribers.

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Consult PR, Inc Announces New Chief Executive Officer

StaffSeptember 2017

Consult PR is pleased to announce that Mr. David Blotnick has assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer as of September 18, 2017

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The ROI Of Responding To Positive Online Reviews

Laurie HurleyJuly 2017

Before you roll your eyes, I am not suggesting that negative online reviews should be ignored or skimmed over. Not at all. Every company makes mistakes and we all know there are plenty of customers out there who live for writing a bad review on Yelp.

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Instagram Changes Its Algorithm For Better Or Worse?

Thirsty AgencyMay 2017

Instagram is mimicking Facebook as far as how often they will show your posts. The more you post and engage, the more your posts will be shown. You will no longer see posts in chronological order. This is not settling well with many Instagram users. Which tells us the following: Post. Engage. Follow. Post again. Make your content relevant. Read on for more tips we like.

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