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Meet Jennifer Ramsundar, Our Senior Marketing Account Executive.

StaffNovember 2019

The Consult PR  ‘family’ is made up of  self-motivated, talented, creative and dedicated individuals with specialties in a myriad of areas in the world of digital marketing, software, phone app and web development. Jennifer brings to the table her own dynamic and unique qualities and has quickly become a promising leader within the organization.  She is fond of saying that though she may be petite, is she mighty! 

Before joining Consult PR, ‘Jen’ (as she doesn’t mind being called...but don’t call her Jenny), worked in the hotel and finance industry. Her leadership qualities were on display as restaurant and events manager for a prominent hotel. She then went on to become a supervisor in the finance department of Massy Stores which is a huge conglomerate in the Caribbean region.  She credits her propensity for being very organized, a stickler for procedures, and a ‘let’s get it done’ kind of person for her success to date. Her professional experiences foreshadowed her role here at Consult PR as this paved the way to her realizing her strengths, organization and leadership.

Upon joining Consult PR, Jen was excited to transition to the new and exciting world of digital marketing. She would readily admit that she is more task than people oriented. She applied her principles of delegating tasks and following up and of course, doing her own tasks for her clients.  Don’t be misled however, she truly enjoys working with her teammates. She has always found everyone at Consult PR to be helpful and over time has gotten to know everyone a bit better. She would tell you that it is very hard to impress her on a professional level but CPR has hired some pretty outstanding individuals who always put their best foot forward which makes it easy to work along with everyone. 

If it wasn’t obvious enough, Jennifer is a strong willed young lady, who knows what she wants, works hard and regularly proves why she deserves it. In just a few months of joining the Consult PR family, she was promoted to the Senior Marketing Account Executive position. Her organizational and communication skills, how serious and efficient she is about work and doing her best to ensure all expectations are met for both clients and management, all contributed to her success in being promoted to the “Senior” role. Jen believes that Consult PR is definitely on the right track and she looks forward to climbing the corporate ladder in the years to come. 

So how does this success-driven leader start her day? Well I suspect like most of us do...with a  large mug of coffee of course! Unlike her work days when she settles down in front of her computer to start her day, in her leisure time she opens her laptop for a different reason - to write! Whether it is at home or spending a few hours at a cafe drinking some coffee, Jen enjoys her ‘me’ time where she relaxes and gets in the zone of writing a few pages of her novel and no, we’re not at liberty to say what the book is about just yet. When she’s not busy trying to write the next literary masterpiece, she is  fulfilling her wanderlust and seeing the world. She believes traveling is one of the most enriching experiences and would definitely do it as often as possible! “The joy that is felt from travelling isn’t something you can replicate. It has been enlightening and incredible to see and experience different cultures.” This might come as a surprise, but Jennifer has been on many of her adventures alone. The joy of waking up in the morning with the freedom to experience what the day has to offer is, as she puts it,  “second to none”! 

Jennifer has always believed that knowing oneself is a person’s greatest strength. She has traditional values and is often described as an ‘old soul’. She likes things that other people are not really interested in. She is not fond of modern day movies, instead preferring old black and white films. She enjoys classical music and is well read. Here at Consult PR we certainly enjoy having Jennifer on our team. We are positive in her abilities to help our company progress and look forward to being instrumental in her professional and personal growth! 

No trip to Australia is complete without seeing a kangaroo in person!

Jennifer with a beloved koala bear in Australia.

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