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Meet Our Editor, Laurel Drazen

StaffMarch 2023

Women's History Month is a time to reflect on the courage of women in past generations and to celebrate how their efforts and bravery afforded women the opportunities and freedoms they have today. At Consult PR (CPR), we genuinely honor women's varied and often under-recognized accomplishments throughout history. 

"There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish."-  Michelle Obama (Former First Lady of the United States, Attorney, and Author).

This Women's History Month, we take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt gratitude to one of our leaders here at CPR, Laurel Drazen.  Laurel spent the beginning of her career as a teacher, after which she moved on to technology product management and content development. Her education and product marketing background made her adept at identifying audiences and addressing their needs cross-industry: establishing messaging and positioning, describing products and services, developing relevant web content, writing digital marketing campaigns and creating targeted content in the customer's voice to deliver a satisfying user experience and results.

Laurel officially joined the Consult PR family as the Editor of the Content Department in early 2021 and is a much-respected leader at CPR for her caring, understanding, and helpful nature. Each day, she brings an aura of positivity and maturity with her experience, unique perspectives and bubbly personality. Even though she's only been with Consult PR for a short time, her association with our President, Paul Ramkissoon, dates back several years. Paul and Laurel first met while Laurel worked with TrustBridge, also known as Hospice of Palm Beach County, when CPR was their digital marketing agency. 

This Women's History Month, CPR congratulates Laurel for her untiring contributions in leading our Content Department. We felt that the timing for this feature was great due to the fact that National Grammar Day (4th) and National Proofreading Day (8th) are also at the start of March and interestingly both are apropos when describing Laurel’s amazing talents!

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