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Meet Our New Logistics Administrator, Arash Sidhu Kashyap

StaffMay 2019

Consult PR is an amalgam of backgrounds, cultures, personalities and experts in their own right. We are pleased to announce the recent addition of yet another outstanding professional to our mix. Arash Sidhu Kashyap of Chandigarh in Punjab, India, started her journey at Consult PR on January 7, 2019. Her first name was a bit tricky to pronounce for most of the staff so she was fondly nicknamed ‘Sid’. Coming on board as our Logistics Administrator, she describes her initial experience as intriguing and a bit overwhelming. There were some aspects that were relatable thanks to experience from her previous jobs while others took a bit of time getting used to such as the technical aspects of websites and becoming familiar with the CPR’s complex internal terminology.  Thanks to oodles of training and guidance, she has steadily began to understand the ins and outs of everything and of course she continues to learn more each day.


Arash received her Master’s Degree in Hospitality from PTU University, Jallandhar. She has 12+ years experience in training and development and is very  passionate about it. She has been teaching online since 2017 and found free conversation sessions particularly exciting. But Arash wanted to be part of a company that offered growth and stability. She was keen on learning as much as she could and to step outside of the confinement of her usual training skills. She’s found the perfect fit at Consult PR where she’s given an opportunity to improve her skill set of solving website issues, managing staff and work allocation. The technical aspects of the job come as a welcoming new experience and with her future growth in mind, Consult PR has certainly proven to be the company that offers not only upward mobility but the challenges and training to help mold strong working professionals. In her set of interviews Arash was impressed with the questions asked and very quickly realized that her expectations and management’s expectation married quite nicely which was very encouraging for her. Everyday at Consult PR is a learning day so she hopes to prove herself in a positive way  to management and meeting expectations - two very important things to her. She plans to inculcate her past training and experiences into her important role as Logistics Administrator here at Consult PR. It is important for her to ensure deadlines are being met and making sure everyone stays connected.


She was also tasked with conducting English training for all of CPR’s India employees, all of whom speak English as a second language. This initiative has allowed for Arash to have greater interaction and bonding with her team. Even though still relatively new to the company, Arash can attest to the fact that Consult PR is in great hands. She lauded our President, Paul Ramkissoon, as well as our entire management team, all of whom have brilliant and innovative ideas that have not only improved our ability to better serve our clients, but also our internal team communication and procedures. A company needs great leaders, a great learning environment and time efficiency which all seamlessly produce excellent productivity and growth. Without exception, Arash has seen all of those traits here!


For Arash when she thinks about leisure time, she thinks of sitting in a cafe with a great view, enjoying an excellent cup of coffee. This is her way of unwinding and relaxing and she readily admits that having the same coffee at home doesn’t have the same effect. Spending time with her family is of utmost importance to her and cycling is one of the many things they have fun doing together. When she needs to feel revitalized, an energetic game of football or lawn tennis does the trick. Arash speaks three languages: Hindi which is her mother tongue, English and Punjabi. She would tell you that her mother and elder brother are the ones majorly responsible for the person she is today - passionate, ambitious, loving...someone who’s still a child at heart! As a child growing up she was on the softer side and was anxious about certain things in life. Her big brother would often encourage her with pep talks about being strong and relentless especially when it came to her studies. Her mother encouraged her to be a strong female. She stressed that it was important to step outside her comfort zone and try new things. Her mother also taught her independence in her decision making and how to be grounded, which she herself exemplified. Pursuing a higher education and being vigilant in terms of her children came from the influence of her father. Speaking of her children, they too have also played a role in the type of person Arash is today. Through them she has learned how to be way more patient and understanding and to simply relax!  


Left to Right: Arash with her husband- Anil Kashyap, son Udayveer 5 years old & daughter Sanna 11 years old.


Arash believes in the philosophy, which she instills in her children, that respect must be given to everyone around them regardless of their social standing. Respect for an individual should be given both professionally and personally. In her personal life, she has many plans ahead some of which include buying a new car, which is something highly requested by her children, visiting her brother in London hopefully to attend a wedding and in the long term, to assist her husband with the process of attaining his own business. It is safe to say that Arash is in a great place both professionally and personally. Consult PR is elated to have her on our team and, together, we look forward to greater things ahead!

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