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Meet Our Senior Content Specialist, Madison Munro

StaffNovember 2019

At Consult PR we pride ourselves on our complement of the best and brightest team members. By attracting the brightest minds in the field of digital marketing, we have been able to elevate our clients and set them apart from their competitors. Our Senior Content Specialist, Madison Munro, was very excited to join the Consult PR team. She takes pride in training all of our new content specialists. In the field of digital marketing, there are so many new things to learn. Her contribution is to help her trainees to become the best content specialists they can be.

Who is Madison Munro?

As a child, Madison was always fascinated with ads, specifically the words often used to entice the public. She loved reading, so she read everything, in the process learning a lot about customer behavior and psychology. She asked herself… ‘What makes someone want to pay for a service or buy a product?’. We’re in a technological age and almost everything can be done online. Being in the digital field she has learned quite a lot, not just about the pretty advertisements but also the back end of it. She has learned the ideas behind how to get more people to interact with your content and everyday continues to be a learning experience because things in this field are always evolving.

Before her journey into the world of work, Madison attended The Bishops’ High School, and graduated in 2010. After that she went to the University of Guyana to pursue a degree in Literature and Linguistics. If you ask her, she’ll say her skill of writing definitely came from her love of reading. Not quite finding her groove, she eventually switched to Marketing at the Association of Business Executives - Qualification in Marketing Management from 2013-2015.

Prior to joining the Consult PR team, Madison worked at GBTI (Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry Limited) for 5 years where she shifted through various roles, including being a teller, a checks clerk and more. She eventually landed a position in the Bank’s Marketing department. It’s standard banking culture to be shifted from one department to the other and eventually, Madison’s time in the Marketing department was up. During her time in the Marketing department, she had fallen even deeper into her interest in marketing so, not wanting to go back to being just a banker, she made the decision to finally pursue a career in Marketing. She ended her time at the bank and become a Promotions and Events Coordinator at Giftland Mall in their Marketing Department. She stayed there for a short stint before joining Consult PR.

Starting a New Career

Madison described her first few weeks at Consult PR as ‘very challenging’. However, thanks to Consult PR’s leaders and mentors things quickly got better.  She remembered being at her first team luncheon and how much she really liked the team. It felt much more like a family vibe, in fact. Everyone looks out for each other across departments. Learning about the clients, their voice and tone, learning expectations not only from the clients but from Paul and the other leaders helped her professional development immensely. Now that she’s a part of the leadership team, it’s all about progress. She’s expected to improve her game not only for herself but for those she is responsible for training. She looks forward to those challenges and working closely with the more experienced leaders in the firm.

A Day in the Life of Madison

Usually her day starts at 4:30-5:00 AM. She gets up to feed her 3 month-old son, Myles Munro. Her morning routine consists of cooking, caring for and preparing Myles for the day, playing with him for a bit, seeing her husband, Leon off to work and hopefully putting Myles down for a nap - all before starting work at 7:30 AM. In her spare time, she has been binge watching Blacklist (a series on Netflix).

Being A Kid Wasn’t Always Easy

Madison was adopted at the age of 2 by her aunt. Her new adopted family included 3 female cousins (whom she refers to as her sisters now), her aunt and her uncle. Through the sacrifice of her aunt and uncle and the extent of their love and consideration, Madison was inspired to be more loving and grateful in her life. She does her best to help people as much as she can.

Her sister Susan Nelson has been her biggest motivation academically. Susan attained her Masters while she was pregnant and she did it before she was 30. So Madison has now set her bar to achieve her Master’s Degree  before hitting 30, reminding herself “If she can do it then I can do it!”

Madison’s biggest professional motivation would probably be Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief at Vogue magazine. She described her as a “boss babe” because she’s a woman that has been in such a high position for so long, because of her leadership skills and also the respect she has from people in her circle and around the world. Warren Buffet is another influence. His humility, his investments and being respectful are some of his outstanding qualities. In fact, her favorite quote is from Warren - “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

When asked to describe herself, Madison said she’s sarcastic, a good listener, blunt, has a soft heart especially when it comes to animals, children and the elderly, minds her business and stays in her lane, doesn’t like disappointing people and doesn’t like conflict. On her days off she cleans and runs errands. Having a family has definitely changed her lifestyle. She enjoys binge watching youtube videos, listening to TED talks, and researching fascinating topics. She likes spending time with her husband, going on picnics, walks along the ocean and the movies.

Her biggest pleasure in life right now is her son, Myles Seth Munro. Her favorite moment is when she calls him that while he’s sleeping and he smiles causing her heart to explode into a million little pieces. She is looking forward to the holidays this year as it will be her first Christmas with her son.

Madison is a stubborn, headstrong woman who’s stuck in her ways. When she finds something she likes, she sticks with it. She likes dark colours so if you ever see her rocking a bright yellow top, it’s probably an alien. She’s an introvert so she won’t be caught being the life of the party.

She loves being able to see the world, experiencing different cultures and trying new cuisine. Her ultimate goal in life is to live without conflict, create and maintain meaningful and peaceful relationships, raise a new generation of steller humans and have a good marriage.

Upward Elevation 

Looking towards her future goals, Madison plans to further her studies in Marketing at CIM - Chartered Institute of Marketers. She intends to pursue a Masters in Marketing at Heriot Watt University. She’s looking forward to receiving her certificate from school but she knows it’ll be a tough act to balance work, motherhood, being a wife and being a student.

Madison believes CPR is in a good place. 

“Some time ago we didn’t even have a dedicated and separate Content department. I do believe it’s all about progress and growth.”  CPR is constantly evolving and so many things change in a positive way. She’s happy to be a part of the company and hopes that she’ll continue learning and ‘upping’ her game as a leader. The family vibe, the way we communicate and being able to learn something new almost everyday are some of the things she enjoys most about CPR.

Here at Consult PR, we’re all delighted to have Madison as a part of the CPR family and we look forward to seeing great things from her.

Madison, her husband Leon and her son, Myles

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