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Word-of-Mouth is now online

With the internet being as pervasive as it is, and promising to be even more so in the years to come, reviews - positive or negative - spread like wildfire. And once something is online, it stays there forever.

Having a positive reputation online is one of the most powerful assets a business has. Social proof is contained in your star ratings and written reviews, driving your prospective customers to take the next step - contact you, with confidence that you can provide what they need. Why?

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Sink Or Swim In The Modern Day Review Environment

There are some stunning statistics about online reviews that many businesses either don’t know about or ignore because it’s just too much work to worry about. That is where Consult PR and our Digital Marketing team step in, being sure your online reputation is golden.

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The Dark Side Of Passive Repetitive Marketing

At Consult PR we feel we would be remiss if we buried out heads in the sand, ignoring the fact that negative reviews can bring a business to it’s knees and permanently destroy its online reputation.

It is a fact that, unfortunately, there are people online that make a career out of writing fake negative reviews about companies. Most of them have never had any experience with the business and simply want to either vent negativity or are out for revenge.1

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Digital Marketing Course

Expand your Digital Web Presence by signing up for our hands-on, interactive, and highly engaging Digital Marketing Course.

Our 12-week course; just a one hour a week investment of your time, conducted live on GoToMeeting (and you get the recording!), is designed to give you and designated members of your team, such as an administrative assistant, an opportunity to learn all that is possible in the sometimes confusing world of Digital Marketing.

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